93 Cute Things to Buy the Meter Maid Who Gives You a $93.00 Parking Ticket

It truly is better to give than to receive.
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December 2, 2013
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I was driving to the grocery last week when I spied Los Angeles legend Angelyne chillin' next to her hot pink Corvette. I of course screeched to the curb and jumped out to say hello, as she is one of my very favorite local characters.

When I first moved to LA in the 1990s, Angelyne's face (and breasts!) were everywhere, peering down from billboards and bus stops all over Hollywood. I remember calling my mom back in Texas and saying "Oh yeahhhhhh, this is the place. Chicks drive around in hot pink sports cars just like real-life Barbie dolls!"

Angelyne is the original Kardashian -- 'famous' just for being famous. She was rollin' deep in pink Corvettes since wayyyyy before Paris Hilton even thought to buy her first Pepto-Bismal hued Bentley.

Chatting with Angelyne never disappoints -- she is charming and coquettish and sweet and manipulative in a way that's almost impossible to explain. Plus she makes pretty fab music videos.

My joy at getting to see Queen Angelyne faded pretty quickly, because HEY, WHADDYA KNOW? When I returned to my car, a very kind meter maid was writing me a $93.00 parking ticket! Turns out I'd parked with about three inches of my wheel into the portion of the curb that appears to have last been painted red in about 1976. Calling it RED is actually a misnomer. It would be more accurate to say that I parked in the pale pink.

Did I mention that the city of Los Angeles is somehow going broke right now? I find this pretty shocking, considering they have the ability to just write themselves a check for $93.00 any old time they feel like it. That $93.00 could buy a lot of adorable trinkets!

But I'm sure the City of Los Angeles will be doing something way j'boring with my $93.00, like fixing potholes. I'd be way less miffed at splashing out $93.00 if I was allowed to buy Officer Contreras, the hard working meter maid who ticketed me, something pretty with my cash, because he's totally worth it. (Yes, Officer Contreras, hereafter known as "Ofc. C", is indeed a man.)

Maybe some saucy underwear?

I'd like to sign Ofc. C up for this fancy panty delivery service called [ENCLOSED]. It's a undie concierge that delivers a curated pair of impossibly fancy French lace undies to your door for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. (They stock pieces by real-deal fancy pants brands like Lou Paris, Eberjey, Mimi Holiday, Samantha Chang, Huit, Maison Lejaby, Mary Green and more.) Secretly wearing fancy underwear under your polyester meter maid uniform pants is a great way to walk the streets with confidence!

[ENCLOSED] concierge panty service, theenclosed.com.

Or perhaps a piece of fanciful jewelry?

That railroad nailhead bracelet is the perfect combination of naughty and nice, letting the peeps Ofc. C tickets know he means business.

Trinket jewels, $50.00-$95.00. (Click on photo for purchase info.)

Perchance he'd like a fetching teapot?

After a hard day in the current 75 degree Los Angeles winter, I'd love for Ofc. C to relax with a hot cup of tea, prepared in an adorably twee little teapot.

Twee-pots, $60.00-$99.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

Or an adorable coin purse?

Maybe if I gave Ofc. C a cute coin purse, he'd be obliged to slip an extra nickel in someone's meter before it runs out. You know, as a common human courtesy? Pay it forward and all that.

Coin purses, $62.00 - $72.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

How about a pair of whimsical shoes?

I just walked the mall for work ON BLACK FRIDAY. I win. Your horrible job can never compare. A pair of glitter encrusted shoes with personality galore would have helped ease the pain -- something I'm sure Ofc. C could appreciate.

glitter shoes, $50.00-$100.00 (click photo for purchase info.)

Can't forget a winsome handbag!

No fashionista meter attendant should be caught dead wearing his or her ticket machine on their pants like a plebian! Having an adorable handbag in which to stash his ticket-writing rig should lead to Ofc. C whistling while he works.

Zany bags, $50.00-$80.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

Maybe a cute, shrunken denim jacket?

Denim Jackets, $60.00-$100.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

Or some glam techno-gadgets?

These pearl or kitty-kat headphone sets are the ultimate accessory to help Ofc. C drown out screeching motorists he's just given a $93.00 ticket to. He can simply point to his ears and say "I can't hear you!" and be on his merry meter maid way.

Techno Gadgets, $44.00 - $95.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

He'd also appreciate some fantastic coffee table books, no?

Fashion books, $44.00-$115.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

How about a cozy, furry, fake leopard coat?

Fake fur leopard coats, $49.00-$109.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

Or a Japanese obi-style belt?

I own quite a few obi-style belts. They are the perfect piece to transform any old dress or top into an instant outfit -- yes, probably even a parking enforcement uniform.

Obi-style belts by alison-freer featuring plus size belts

You can't go wrong with a fancy-shmancy Mason Pearson hairbrush.

Mason-Pearson hairbrushes, $91.00-$99.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

Or a calming, charming, yoga-inspired t-shirt.

I am the farthest thing there is from a calm, balanced yoga student -- but I still love these clean, clever, classic yoga-inspired tees and tanks from Yoga By Moonlight. The entire line is designed and printed right here in Los Angeles using eco-friendly inks.

How about a delightful makeup bag?

Hudson & Bleeker makes such beautiful toiletry kits, you can practically carry them as purses.

Hudson & Bleeker travel bags, $86.00 each. (Click photo for purchase info.)

Or a spot of PURE CASHMERE?

Absolutely nobody (even a mean ol' meter maid) could be mad at an adorably toasty cashmere scarf or hat.

Cashmere Treats, $42.00-$85.00. (Click photo for purchase info.)

DEAR GOD, why did this stupid parking ticket have to be $93.00? I'd have breezed right through "52 Cute Things to Buy the Meter Maid Who Gives You a $52.00 Parking Ticket". Now I'm stuck at 90 things and STILL need three more.

Teeth Jewels, $35.00-$135.00.

I knew I was keeping this awesome designer who makes hair combs and bracelets out of vintage dentures bookmarked for a reason! Pay close attention to where you park this holiday season, and use my story as a cautionary tale. If you manage to avoid a parking ticket, go buy yourself something pretty with the $93.00 you save, ya hear?

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