OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: The Great Closet Clean-Out

Sometimes getting rid of things can be as exciting as buying them.
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January 23, 2015
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For the last few weeks, my friends have not stopped talking about Marie Kondo. Marie is an organizational consultant who wrote the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing," and according to my friends who have employed her methods, it is needed life-changing and magic.

Well, what's organizing your stuff got to do with outfits? you may ask. Well, for one, my closet is a mess, ever since I moved in December. Rarely do clothes get hung up or folded and instead lie on the floor in indiscernible piles, leaving me to wear the same 10 articles of clothing on a well-worn loop while 80 percent of my wardrobe goes untouched.

Marie's "KonMari" method runs the gamut of organization, telling you exactly how to get rid of items. The main way is examining everything one by one and asking yourself if it "sparks joy." If it doesn't, toss. Then it tells you how to sort, hang and fold everything, including your socks. Yep, socks get their own sub-chapter. Turns out I've been storing my socks all wrong, and in turn, disrespecting them. I'm so sorry, socks!

So, my featured outfit this week is comfortable, easy-to-work-in clothes (American Apparel leggings and an oversized silky tee), and the first of many garbage bags of castoffs that have served their purpose and are ready to be picked up for donation.

Have any of you heard of Marie Kondo? Have you read her book and tried the method? Did it change your life? I'm so excited to finish this project.

On to people who most likely have more organized wardrobes than I, it's YOU guys and the fabulous outfits you shared with us last week.

Ashieee won our hearts with her deep berry lip and shout-out to the much-needed Winter essential that is the blanket scarf.

Curvily NYC also showed off a cozy, monochromatic look that featured an awesome drapey Helmut Lang sweater and that great geometric-printed clutch.

  • What did you wear this week?
  • Have you started 2015 off by getting rid of things, or are you waiting 'til Spring?
  • If you haven't gotten rid of stuff, you can share things you bought too!

Have a good weekend, stylish ones!