JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: Those CRAZY, SEXY, COOL Tights That Cat Wore To Get Her Lips Done

PLUS, I've taken over the office radio; I hope you like TLC.
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January 10, 2012
tights, cat, dirty glamour, vamping at the derm

Here's Cat post-lip plumping, looking like the sexy baby that she is in a vintage Cramps tee, Zac Posen Skirt, and DKNY tights. At first glance, the tights appear to be thigh-highs layered over sheer stockings, but they're actually one pair. Genius, right?

Faux thigh-highs offer all the sex appeal of the real thing without any of the slippage. They also eliminate the burden of wearing a garter-belt and having to undo it each time you need to use the bathroom. Madeline says it's not that much of an ordeal, but she's sort of a lingerie connoisseur.

The tights are so hot that they even garnered their own following in the comments section of Cat's column.

And then she did...

Anyway, since everyone's feeling Cat's DKNY tights, I've scoured around for a few more options. Check out what I found:

Henry Holland Mesh Super Suspender Tights, $28: House of Holland has a whole range of gorgeous tights in crazy colors and prints, but these ones are my favorite. Ri-Ri loves them too. If I wore skirts or dresses, I'd totally put a pair of these underneath, but I'll probably stick to shorts.

Gypsy Mock Bow Suspender Tights, $13: The bow detail on these twee tights is super-girlie, while the faux-suspenders say I'm still DTF. Wear these with a pair of winter shorts or a little wool dress.

Marks & Spencer Mock Stock Suspender Tights, $16: Brit readers know there's nowhere like M&S for well-fitting, affordable, sexy under-things like these tights. I'm also so into the built-in grannies, woof!

Forever 21 Floral Garter Tights, $7: These are the kind of thing I'd pick up on my way to checkout at F21 and maybe wear twice, but at such an affordable price point, who cares? Avoid looking fetish-y by pairing these with something fairly conservative.

Now, would you wear faux thigh-highs/built-in-suspender tights or is this trend too sexy? I'm ordering the House of Holland tights and wearing them over my new Booty Pops (more on those later). XO

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