OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Let's Be Muppets

Because fuzzy and fluffy fabrics make sense when the temperature drops.
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November 17, 2014
outfit of the week

Recently I was feeling a bit down about my ghostly pallor and so I slathered on some self tanner after hopping out of the shower. When I was done I had to laugh at the silliness of the task because during this time of year, practically every inch of my body is covered in layer upon layer of swaddling fabric, making the shade of my skin a complete mystery to the world.

I'm coming around to the layering though. While there's always the chance that I may end up looking like a hobbling child out of "A Christmas Story," there's also the opportunity to experiment with textures and prints and currently, I'm obsessed with putting out a Muppet vibe.

Now, I'm not recommending you go and cover yourself in head-to-toe green felt a la Kermit, but fuzzy fun fur fabrics are everywhere right now and aside from being really cute, they're also warm and cozy.

I kicked off my obsession in London when I picked up this fun textured sweater at Primark, and I've been wearing it pretty much constantly every since.

For a similar look, this sweater is on sale at H&M for $14.95.

Now, for a complete change of scenery, let's move on to YOUR outfits. Personally, I'm swooning over commenter Christina's blue linen dress, which she made herself and can be purchased online here. Yes, this is a summer dress because yes, Christina is in Australia. But I think it's important to acknowledge that we're not all in the Northern hemisphere here, and I like the idea of shining the spotlight on an xoJaner who is not only stylish but crafty as well!

And oh, lipgloss boost, I fell head over heels for your suit. I love a woman in a suit. I need a suit. You wear it so, so well.

Now! What did you wear last week? Share below!