Friday Afternoon Lust Corner: The Platform Oxfords

Last week we coined the term "luts," now let's get it to catch on. Here's the weekly dose of things I want but can't have.
Publish date:
August 5, 2011
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Acne Spin Wedge $800, Saks Fifth Avenue

It has been well established on xoJane that I am a lover of oxfords. I talk about them all the time. I preach about them to whoever will listen. This week I am lusting lutsing over these epic Acne wedges that came out of left field and knocked the socks right off me. They're an oxford on a covered wedge with a chunky tri-color sole-- basically a holy matrimony of all things that I always want and love and need in my life. Is anyone else as obsessed with a covered wedge as I am? I like it so much I almost don't even want to wear regular wedges anymore. And THAT is possibly the most fashion-y thing I've ever written, but it's the truth! This shoe is almost like an updated version of the legendary (yes, legendary) Chloe Dr. Martens-inspired wedge from Fall 2007 that's perfectly in tune with people's my obsession right now. They are telling me it is my duty to get them into my life. Just kidding, pictures of shoes don't talk to me, that's crazy.

It wouldn't be shoe porn if there wasn't a back shot so BOOM! Even better. Swedish label Acne is kinda my weakness right now and I can safely say that I will like at least 85% of the stuff they put out. These shoes will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine because I know that if I really believe that I will find them on sale then I probably will. Or I'll get lucky somehow. It's all about focusing your energy! I know it sounds stupid but it's really the truth.

And that concludes fashion psychology 101. I'm sorry it went that far.

And if you think these shoes are ugly, I totally agree and that only makes me love them more! They are chunky and awkward and would make everything in my closet a million times cooler. It totally makes sense if you don't think about it, so don't and just believe me. I love an ugly shoe. You can quote me on that.