Friday Afternoon Lust Corner: The Coolest Marni Scarves

These tiny pieces of fabric are making my heart sweat. Wait, is that even a thing?
Publish date:
August 26, 2011
shoppables, accessories, scarves, marni

Prouve Dot Scarf $255 & Floral Dream Scarf $150, Marni

A hurricane may or may not be hitting New York tomorrow so of course I'm thinking of tiny pieces of colorful fabric that can bring me much joy when all my belongings are floating down the street into the Gowanus canal or flying away in gusts of wind million miles per hour. I mean, whatever, I grew up in Puerto Rico, I've seen REAL hurricanes! I don't see anyone boarding up their windows so I guess nothing bad's really gonna happen, right? But what were we talking about? Oh yes, SCARVES!

I know it might seem weird to be like "Hey, I'm dropping 300 bucks on this scarf like it's no big whoop" but it IS no big whoop! 'Cause if you're like me and you buy it, you'll probably wear it every day for like a year until you get tired of it or you buy another scarf (and yes, I've done this before).

So that's really only a dollar a day! A DOLLAR A DAY can feed an orphan, make a collect call and get you a SICK accessory you'll treasure forever and then pass on to your kids and grandkids and whatnot. I say this one's a go.