Friday Afternoon Lust Corner: The Sweater Bag

Sometimes I like things that I can't currently afford. This is a safe space to lust after those things.
Publish date:
July 29, 2011
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See By Chloe Joyrider Tricot Small Shoulder Bag $295, Shopbop.

I've always been a fan of thick knits, especially when they show up in sorta unlikely places like a purse. Your wallet and makeup don't get cold! Why do they need to be cozy? They don't of course, but I bet that I would feel pretty cozy carrying this bag down the street once the temperature starts dropping. I would lay my head upon it when the train gets delayed and fall into a blissful mini-nap where I get to count little sheep hurrying down the tracks.

Ah yes, the sheep.

The little sheep charm thingie that comes with it is the best part of the bag and about 45 percent of the reason why I fell in love with the bag in the first place. I mean just look at its little body and the smiley face! This is an important sheep moment. Do they sell these separately? Because they should and then I can luts over that.

Oh fashion... always keeping me wanting more.

What about you guys? Are you lusting after any bags or maybe even sheep? I wanna see!