Folding Fans: Or How To Take Back Your Temperature

It's a free world! You should be able to cool off wherever you like, whenever you like. Here's a $1 way to do it.
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June 1, 2011
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I'm lamenting this sticky, sweaty New York weather. (You probably don't live in New York, but I hear it's hot elsewhere too.) And since it's going to feel like this for another 4+ months, we might as well find ways to cope with it.

No? OK, you can complain some more. I get it. Let's dwell on this together for a moment:

But when you're ready to talk, here's one of my suggestions for survival: allow me to re-introduce the simple folding fan. I had this aha moment last summer on a thermal subway platform while fanning myself with a scrap of paper (and who carries that anymore?). So I went on down to Chinatown and bought this pretty little guy for a dollar I pulled out with this fan my father gave me. (Note: he just sent me an email saying "That red fan--isn't it the one I brought you from Andalusia? If so, I want a credit." THANKS, DAD!)

It was a truly empowering moment. I realized I didn't have to wait around, passively melting because the MTA hasn't figured out a way to cool their stations down to a humane level. I could just pull this sucker out of my purse and voila. Instant air-conditioning. Sure, I look a little princess-y in the process, but by that point, I don't really give a damn.

So if it's relief you also seek, here are my four fan suggestions.

This fan is so pretty. Just close your eyes and think about how good the nude color will look with red lipstick. I'm glad we agree. Carved wooden fan with sunflower design, Pearl River, $1.00

Just the picture of these makes me happy. Bamboo frame color paper fans, Pearl River, $1.85.

Fancy! The box isn't very small-purse-friendly, but the aroma will safeguard you against summer stench. Sandalwood scented fan with burnt sketch design, Pearl River, $5.50 .

If you really feel like dropping some dough, I'd argue this is the fan to do it for. Silk Black Bali Batik Fan,, $22.49.

Keep checking back for more of my summer style suggestions. Because I never tire of this subject. You'll see!

UPDATE: Emily emailed me this photo of a woman on the subway Wednesday night. I didn't expect the idea to take off this quickly. Or allow for the possibility that other people had thought of it, too.