Florals Schmorals: How To Wear Black All Spring (And Summer Too!)

I have a hard time denying myself a good black dress. Or black pants. Or all black everything, always. So I’m just giving in, and wearing black all season long.
Publish date:
April 17, 2014
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Everyone gets all up in short-sleeved arms about spring each year, but I don’t buy the hype. Spring means the imminent return of my worst outdoor allergies (yo, I live in the south). Spring also means that summer near, and summer is a sweat-soaked dystopian hellscape for the whiny, hot-blooded koala I am. So when every lifestyle site marketed towards trendy, young lady slices with an imaginary disposable income such as myself starts sending me emails with exclamatory subjects about pastels, florals and this season’s “it” sandals, my side eye reaches Sophia Loren levels of “Really?

I’ve been making slow strides to introduce more color into my wardrobe, but I have a hard time denying myself a good black dress. Or black pants. Or all black everything always. So I’m just giving in, and wearing black all springtime long.

Black is a go-to and it's pretty much always on trend, but it can look a bit out of place in a spring line-up of fruity print sailor dresses and lace swing tops. It’s easy to lighten up your black wardrobe pieces for springier vibes though, and the trick is in the styling and accessories.

In the winter, I would have paired this swingy little black dress with thick tights, boots, and a thousand layers. In springtime though, it's cute with simple flats and a hat. Also, showing a lot of leg always helps.

For a more work appropriate look, I paired this black button down dress with a cute belt and some nude heels. While the natural inclination with a black dress is black shoes, a nude or light colored heel is a fresh change of pace and also helps elongate your legs. Fun!

Remember to never underestimate the power of a good hot pink lipstick. Shout out to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Anime.

When wearing black in spring, it’s important also to remember texture. Heavier knits, velvets or thick fabrics will not only be much too warm for the weather but will make you look bogged down. Keep the textures soft and light. Keep the core of outfit black, but accessorize with neutrals or bright colors.

Here’s some more outfit ideas.

I’m also RIDICULOUSLY obsessed with this dress from Anthropologie. It’s outrageously gorgeous and costs more than my rent but I think I need to buy it and throw all my other clothes away.

So how about y’all? Will you stick to your same color palette regardless the weather, or will you let Big Spring control you yet again? Let me know.