Five Fabulously Diverting Blogs For When You've Read The Entire Internet

I like escapism, fantasy, beautiful places, people and interiors and for things to be as pretentious as possible.
Publish date:
October 1, 2012

Until Google cruelly snatches away my iGoogle page from my twitching little fingers in November 2013 (whyyyy?), it’s the first place I go when I turn on my computer to check what my favourite bloggers have been up to. But much as I adore the likes of Garance Dore, Into The Gloss, The Coveteur and those Domestic Sluts, sometimes I feel like I’ve read THE ENTIRE INTERNET and I desperately need something new.

Here are a few new (to me) lifestyle blogs that I’ve been introduced to recently and love.

Not So Lonely Londoners

This chap is cruel, clever and funny about the London fashion sceeene in one knowledgeable package (the only people I tolerate mocking fashion are those who actually understand it). His guide to fashion blogger poses ("the Pigeon" is my particular favourite) is frighteningly forensic. He walks a fine line between disenchantment and wonderment with the fashion world, which is really difficult to pull off and impressive to behold.

The Enchanted Hunters

Sarah Drinkwater’s blog covers everything from food and fashion to travel and art, usually with a vintage/indie spin. It’s whimsical, thoughtful and always absorbing -– I just wish she wrote more often!

What Katie Does

I love peeping into Katie’s world and seeing what she’s bought, baked or designed recently. But my favourite section on her blog is the interiors bit where she documents the transformation of her home from bland box to quirky, warm and wonderful (it features lots of beautiful thrifted pieces, mid-20th century furniture and a cute cat). As someone who’s a bit lazy and cowardly when it comes to DIY, I am inspired to dabble (just as soon as I’ve finished this jigsaw/episode of Murder She Wrote/game of Bubbleshooter).

Tomboy Style

I have to thank Remodelista's Christine for sending me the link to Tomboy Style -– specifically a rather inspiring post on girls wearing snazzy blazers (you know how I love a good blazer). It pushes all my androgynous-dressing buttons with beautifully detailed illustrations and photographs of watches, bags, brogues, button-down Oxford shirts and all the paraphernalia of a good garconnes.

an afternoon with…

Lord knows I’m nosy which is why I can’t get enough of sites and blogs that delve into people’s homes, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and so on. an afternoon with is the brainchild of photographer Michael Mundy and Nhi Nguyen; the premise is very simple -– interesting people are photographed and filmed in their homes, in natural light, without any kind of retouching, surrounded by the possessions they treasure. It’s unaffected and fascinating.

Now please can you suggest some more, and bear in mind I don’t want any kind of reality please –- I like escapism, fantasy, beautiful places, people and interiors and for things to be as pretentious as possible. Thank you.