FIND IT FRIDAY: St. Patrick's Day Green For Sophisticated Ladies

Plus, Madeline and I are speaking bad Franglais today; deal with it.
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March 16, 2012
drunk, St. Patrick's Day, green, scented nail polish

Allo Julie!

You probably don't know this because you are you, but St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday. I'm going to participate and I anticipate running into a lot of old friends. I want to look like ME, but ME does not normally wear GREEN. But I am open to it. Basically- how can I stay true to my usually tasteful outfit looks but also not look like a "bah-humbug" non-celebratory St. Paddy's day reveler? Green nails? Green lipstick? Should I wear FOREST green? Does that count?



I heard a thing or two about this green day thing you speak of, but I'm not down with being told when to get drunk or what color to wear. I do what I want!

Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll be roped into some terrible pub crawl come Saturday, and as someone with limited green in my closet, I'll either wear my


camo jacket or my olive green skinnies or something.

One thing's for sure though,

I'm trying Hannah's sick green eye look

! I've got

racks on racks

of eye shadow in this shade leftover from

a story I wrote for S

ELF, so I'm just going to pile them all on and see what happens.

Since Madeline changes nail polish like tampons, I say swap she should swap whatever shade she's currently wearing for one of these:

Essie, Navigate Her, $8

: This creamy pastel green doesn't scream St. Paddy's Day, so you won't be left with a beauty hangover on Sunday.

Model's Own, Golden Green, $7

: From the Beetlejuice collection, this multi-faceted shade of green changes colors depending on the light.

Dior, Waterlily scented nail polish, $23

: You guys, this minty shade makes your fingertips smell like roses!


! Which doesn't lessen the creepy factor on "smell my finger."

Now on to your vêtements. I don't like spending money on one-time-wear pieces so I recommend going for green things that you would actually reuse. I love pairing bright pants or shoes with something simple on top, and this drinking holiday is no exception. Check out these awesome green items for your bottom half, all of which are post-holiday approved.

ASOS Green Coated Skinny Jeans, $72:

You can pair these with a neutral colored slouchy tee or pullover and some little booties on Saturday for a festive ensemble that won't look all leprechaun after the main event.

Pixie Green Color Block Pants, $108:

If Madeline doesn't buy these, I will. Not only does the vertical color-blocking make for an optical illusion of slimness, the cropped ankle length is super-flattering, and a pefect addition to your spring wardrobe.

Madewell Film Noir Pump, $178:

Wear these and make everyone


with envy! Sorry, I had to. They've got a sensible heel for running around the city, a sexy toe-baring cut, and of course, an eye-popping emerald color that works with everything from pencil skirts to basic denim. Sold.

Now tell me about your St. Paddy's Day plans? Are you wearing green Mardis Gras beads and blacking out, or staying home and having Saturday sex? Those are both super-specific; you might be doing neither. Talk to me!

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