FIND IT FRIDAY: Easy, Sexy Beach Style for a "Well-Deserved Solo Vacation"

Or, how Seska got her groove back.
Publish date:
April 6, 2012
Beyonce, solo-vacation, beach

Hi Julie -- I am in need of fashion advice.

I am going on a solo vacation to a small quiet low end resort in April (not at all a cruising spot). It will be humid. My usual summer look of jean capris style will not work. Plus, I want to pack very light. I will be gone for 7 days. Its a trip for me to chill out and reboot after a stupid, messy post-divorce rebound relationship. I want to swim, sit, dream, walk, write, read and draw - and I want to dress appropriately for that. I have bathing suits already, but I am at a loss as what can be light, multi-use, comfortable and still make me feel attractive. The trip is all about me, my self-esteem and feeling like myself again.

Hope you can help with suggestions. Thanks!SeskaWhile we're on the subject of beach vacations, can we talk about Beyonce's brand-new Tumblr for a second? It's essentially the most swoon-worthy, insanely gorgeous vacation photo-album ever, packed with candid beach photos of queen B and her fam. Not only does she look laid back and bare-faced beauty-wise, her holiday style is super relaxed and surprisingly attainable. All the power bitch editorial looks are replaced by loose airy separates that would work both on the beach and then later at night. And everything is easy to recreate.Since you're gone for seven days, you only really need a few pieces that work together and maybe two pairs of shoes -- a comfortable daytime pair and then something sexy for later. I know this trip is all about you, but isn't that how Stella Got Her Groove Back? I think so. Here are a few mix-and-matchable Beyonce-inspired vacation pieces. Good luck, Seska xo.Floral Pants, $89: Okay I know they're vaguely Hawaiian print, but trust me on these. Topped with a basic tank, a leather jacket and finished with some strappy wedges? You're done.Striped Pocket Tank, $30: Stripes work for everything -- beach walks, bar time, bedroom activities -- whatever!Mathew Williamson Coverup, $240: This is especially Beachyonce inspired. Wear it by the pool over a bikini, then dress it up at night with a pair of heels.Aldo Platform Sandals, $100: What's not to love here? These neutral sandals are simple enough to wear with shorts and not look overdone, and they also work with dresses and skirts.Rebel Yell Shorts, $160: Madeline was all, "Who wears leather shorts on vacation?" I do! And I hope you do too because look, they've got an elasticated waist. Serious comfort, non?Forever 21 Bracelets, $3: Beaded jewelry and beaches go together like...I don't know they just WORK.Kain Silk Tank, $155: I know this is a pricey tank, but I'm wearing one right now that I bought four years ago and it just gets better with age. Rebecca Minkoff Sandals, $125: Sleek, simple, bright; I would almost wear flats for these sandals. They're perfect for all your daytime activities and you can pair them with everything else you pack.There you go, the building blocks of a solid solo-vacation wardrobe. I hope the trip turns all Stella, and if it does, I want to hear everything! Now, what's your ultimate vacation item? What would you never travel without? It doesn't have to be something you can wear. And vacation sex; I always want to talk about that too. GO!Follow Julie on Twitter @JR_Schott.