FIND IT FRIDAY: "A LIGHT Spring Jacket That I Can Layer Over Sweaters and Sh*t"

Little Olivia needs new outerwear without dropping too much cash.
Publish date:
April 27, 2012
military, layering, spring jackets, trench


I need a LIGHT spring jacket that I can layer sweaters and shit underneath. Something that I can wear to brunch when I feel ugly and gross and hide all my totally legal paraphernalia in the pockets so I don't need a bag. The jacket MUST be loose fitting and MUST cover my butt (so I can wear leggings to brunch without a thong and not have to worry about people seeing my VPL). OH, AND I DON'T WANT TO SPEND MORE THAN $100, AND $30 WOULD BE IDEAL BUT I KNOW, IMPOSSIBLE.




Quick story for you -- this past fall, Olivia and I went to an APC sample sale together and she made the ambitious purchase of a pullover hooded anorak. It looks awesome once she gets it over her head, but taking it off again is a whole operation that leaves her hair and makeup completely askew. Plus, imagine taking a pullover anorak off and on at a crowded bar. So weird.

This spring, I'm trying to get Olivia into something simple like a military jacket or a trench. Both options offer the full butt-coverage and paraphenalia storage that she needs and neither one has to be expensive to look good.

Forever 21 Contrast Trench, $32: I love anything with contrast sleeves and this little trench is no exception. Side note: Olivia and I spotted Lynn Yaeger in Forever 21 earlier this week, which is the fashion equivalent of catching LeBron James at a neighborhood basketball court. IT DOESN'T HAPPEN.

Urban Outfitters Combat Jacket, $59: Oversized military jackets like this one are perfect for throwing over a pair of leggings as Olivia is wont to do, and they more than meet her pocket storage needs. I have several that I keep in rotation year round.

Zara Raincoat, $90: This trench is the most expensive option, but it's also the most versitile. Wear it now over a light knit, in the summer on top of a sundress, and in the colder months with a fur vest underneath.

Do you like these options? What are you wearing this spring in the way of outerwear? Let's discuss!

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