FIND IT FRIDAY: "The Glamourpuss Version of Pants and Flats" For Our Resident New Mom

Apparently f*ck me pumps don't feel so good paired with a Baby Bjorn.
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April 13, 2012
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Help Julie!

I need a mom makeover. Don't get me wrong, staying fabulous and stylish is still very important to me, but on days when I am lugging little man around I just cannot justify heels and pencil skirts. What's the glamourpuss version of flats and (ugh) pants?


Yesterday Emily's therapist told her that she "looks like a mom," something that no new mother actually wants to hear.

"What does that mean -- sleep deprived?" she asked.

More like pants-clad. Since the tiny boss came into her life, Emily has swapped her usual pinup style for cigarette jeans and ballet flats and personally, I don't miss the daily dresses and skirts.

Her new look is less overtly feminine and more relaxed -- even if she's feeling the opposite. Now that "baby-proof" is more important than "bangable,"Emily has to redefine what makes her feel attractive and comfortable, but that doesn't have to mean skimping on sex appeal.

Courtesy of Perez

Look at Gwen Stefani. She's kept her signature red lips and peroxide hair intact even after the arrival of two babies. And Christina Aguilera rarely covered up her clevage as a new mom. I'm convinced Emily can still maintain some of the sexy retro glamour that she so loves.

An easy way to translate her favorite pre-baby looks into something more practical is by adding some cute cotton tops like Gwen's striped tank to her roster. She can pair these with a few comfortable, washable pants (which happen to look awesome) every day. It's no secret that I hate skirts. Emily could also reverse the look by wearing printed skinnies -- pefect for hiding baby stains -- and a basic tee.

As for footwear, I'm really feeling the nude ballet flats she's been seen in lately. For more support, she could try a pair of Supergas, a grownup alternative to classic Converse kicks. I love the platform version for extra height, which makes everything look more put together.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Flats, $195: These offer the perfect solution to open-toed shoes -- something I'm rallying against this spring, and look just sexy enough.

Levis Bold Curve, $47: Like the Lululemon leggings of denim, these skinnies make everyone looks better from the back.

J Crew Tee, $40: This cotton tee is slouchy without being sloppy, and it works with everything -- easy.

Topshop Scallop Top, $30: On days when you need some attention (the good kind), this demure tank makes cleavage look classy.

Topshop Burnout Tee, $20: This super-soft worn-in tee is easy to throw in the wash when the little one makes a mess.

Delias Skinny Jeans, $40: I love the tiny rosebud print on these skinnies, perfect for hiding stains.

Now, what do you think of these looks? Would you wear them, with or without baby? Did I forget something that all new moms need (aside from extra sleep)? Tell me!

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