FIND IT FRIDAY: A Bangin' Backpack Purse!

This reader needs a backpack because she'll soon be on crutches, but any reason to ditch your handbag is fine by me. Plus, two lucky readers will win a sexy prize!
Publish date:
March 2, 2012
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Hi Julie,

As I explained during the oh-so-entertaining xoJane Oscar live-blog, I'm about to have foot surgery. I'll be renting one of these beauties for the first 6-8 weeks. After that, I'll be crutching around for a few months. Clearly, I NEED a cute backpack purse. I can spend up to $350ish, although something between $100-$250 (or less!) would be even better. Depends on how perfect the bag is, naturally. I'm super-organized and like a bag that feeds my OCD desire for zippered compartments and different sections. Julie, please please please find it for me!


MarisaHi Marisa, I didn't forget about you! I'm really sorry to hear about your foot surgery. I can only hope that your recovery brings lots of presents and attention, since that's sort of the best part about being sick or injured. Anyway backpacks. Let me first say that I'm all for going purse-free lately when I can. I did it last Friday, by wearing a coat with big pockets and just carrying my wallet, keys and lip balm--you know like when you just step out for coffee. It was awesome.The next best thing of course is a backpack since you've got all the arm freedom of going without a bag, but the storage space of a purse. Since you gave me such a generous budget for yours, my picks are sort of pricey. Whatever, you deserve it! And you want this backpack to last long after the crutches are gone, right?

Coach Studio Legacy Backpack, $258: I love the whole rebranding of Coach, and this sleek, simple little backpack is a perfect example of why. PS it's got pockets on the inside for all your OCD needs.Tommy Ton x Club Monaco: This is from street style photographer Tommy Ton's new collection for Club Monaco launching at the end of March and prices aren't listed yet, sorry. This minimal, lightweight backpack is perfect for your recovery, but I have a feeling you'll be wearing it long after too.Marc by Marc Backpack, $280: This backpack is from the mens collection, but I don't pay attention that when I'm shopping. The thick cushiony straps and big pocket on the front are super functional, while the faux python finish keeps this bag really luxe. Sold.Diane Von Furstenberg Printed Backpack, $295: Ok, here's your more feminine option. This printed backpack is like Prozac. Tell me you're not instantly happier when you look at it--impossible! It's also lightweight and really spacious. I love it.Okay Marisa, I hope one or two of these hits the spot. And I want to hear everyone else's backpack recommendations in the comments too. It takes a village!Now on to my awesome giveaway. I don't know about you, but I keep a candle burning in my apartment at all times because atmosphere is everything. When it comes to setting the mood, KM Fantasy makes these Massage Oil Candles that you're meant to drizzle on guests or something. Awesome! Even, better I'm giving away two of these bad boys just because it's Friday. Here's how to enter: follow me on Twitter at @JR_Schott if you don't already, then tell me in the comments who you'd most like to slather in KM Fantasy Massage Oil. I told you this was a sexy giveaway. So you have until 10 pm EST on Monday, March 5th to do this, and then I will tweet the winners and direct message you a confirmation. And then you will get a KM Fantasy Massage Oil Candle in the mail. Good luck!