5 Fictional Characters Having A Major Influence On My Fall Style

You don't have to wait for Halloween to channel your favorite TV and movie styles.

I’m ready for sweater weather and cute jackets. I spent all summer creating Polyvore sets and Pinterest boards dedicated to what I’d wear in the fall, finding inspiration in almost everything.

My biggest influence has been fictional film and television characters who have flare and personal traits that I wish I possessed. These characters are forever burned into my brain as women who possess qualities -- and wardrobes -- I’d love to have.

Judy Funnie

I find it very unfortunate that "Doug" was about Doug ( I mean, I get it, he is the title character) when the real star of the show, aside from Pork Chop, was Judy. Her limited screen time was always moody and dramatic. I spent most of my time waiting for Judy to appear on the screen, wishing I could fast forward through Doug’s tired unrequited love for Patty (get over it!), hoping she’d recite a monologue she was practicing for some audition.

Judie wore a beret and sunglasses like the beatniks before her. She rocked what appeared to be an undercut, and her purple and black ensemble was my childhood dream.

Thanks to Judy, I have numerous Polyvore sets full of sweater dresses, black long-sleeve tees, turtlenecks and oversized sunglasses for fall.

Rebecca Logan

The formidable senator’s daughter, Rebecca Logan on ABC Family’s greatest show ever, "Greek," was my secret obsession throughout the series. Yes, I was enthralled by the love triangle between Cappie, Evan and Casey, but I was really all about Rebecca’s cutthroat attitude and endless supply of confidence, which hid a sweet and misunderstood core.

Dilshad Vadsaria played the character flawlessly, dressed to the nines in what looked to be outfits pulled from a Talbot’s catalog for scandalous wives and daughters of politicians. A Stepford wife’s poise with a mean bite.


At the end of the 2001 feature-film version of "Josie & The Pussycats," Fiona, played by Parker Posey, is outed as a former high-school nerd whose revenge is the motive behind her plan to take over the world. I think everyone has felt this way at some point. Who doesn't want validation and revenge against someone who made you feel like crap?

Fiona did just that through her eccentric wardrobe. Every outfit was the epitome of an eccentric multi-millionaire hellbent on taking over the world through pop culture. Her clothes look like couture pieces straight from the runway, the stuff the CEO of MegaRecords could afford to wear while controlling the minds of teens. It was Fiona who inspired my latest purchase, a black marabou choker.

Gong Er

Played by Zhang Ziyi in "The Grandmaster," Gong Er is the ultimate badass in a world dominated by men. Resigned to her role as a woman and the misconception that in the world of martial arts she's not equal, Gong Er proves herself to the men who doubt her.

The way she moves makes her the perfect style inspiration, fluid in the air like a diver cutting through the water. Watching her fight makes me yearn for silk robes, light fabrics, vivid reds, royal purples and midnight blacks.

Régine Hunter

"Living Single" was the first television show that ever showed me what life in NYC could be like for successful single women. It was "Sex and The City" before "Sex and The City." To this day, it's the perfect example of strong single African-American women dating and living life on their own terms.

While all the characters had different strengths and were all amazing, Régine Hunter, played by Kim Fields, was my absolute favorite. She had a taste for the finer things, which appeals to the bougie girl inside me. I want to wear silk pajamas and pearls while singing into a hairbrush as I dance in front of the bathroom mirror. I want a wig collection to rival that of Diana Ross and Kim Zolciak.

But for now I'll settle for the rare affordable designer pieces I find at thrift stores and consignment shops and continue to buy the costume jewelry I find at Beacon's Closet that may not be expensive, but still makes me feel like a million dollars.

Which fictional characters are the biggest influences on your style?