Festival Classics - What to wear to be outstanding in a field!

‘Festival fashion’ is one of the biggest clichés in the world of magazines. All the shops will be full of suggestions from floral maxis, to cheap jewellery and flimsy wellies.
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August 15, 2012
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But, if like me you still want to go to quite a few festies, don’t want to wear girly girly stuff from Topshop, yet don’t want to look boring and not get loads of compliments from people and miss out on the chance to dress up like a loon, while you are taking the opportunity to have a break from reality for a weekend, you need some stand-out pieces.

Plus the fact your mug will be all over Facebook the week after, you may as well take it to the next level and invest in some cult festival kit. Here are some of the more authentic bits and pieces you can get, from vintage to online craft shops.

The ORIGINAL and most utterly totes amazeballs Rio/Notting-Hill-carnival-esque headdress costs £80 and comes from Bitching & Junkfood...

Carnival headdress, £80, bitchingandjunkfood.com

Cagoules may now be so bad they’re good, but why not go one better and try this absolutely Eighties-tastic electric blue stripey rain poncho from retro label I Dream of Wires? At least your mates will be able to spot you in a crowd.

I Dream of Wires mega poncho, £110, idreamofwires.co.uk

Now, you may have noticed the young kids running round festivals in animal suits – but hey, they’re an awful lot more flattering than a pair of micro-hotpants – you can eat as much as you like in a Kigu suit and they’re cute too. The word ‘Kigu’ is short for ‘kigurumi’, which literally translates as ‘costumed animal character’ in Japanese. Kigurumi are already hugely popular in Japan where they were invented.

Pandamonium! Genuine Kigu Panda suit £39.99, kigu.co.uk

OR a giraffe?


Now, with the weather more than likely to be a touch hit and miss a cozy coat is your friend. As any owner of an essential camo jacket will tell you, you’ll think of plenty of other occasions to wear yours if you get one.

The trusty, hardworking camo jacket

Peekaboo Vintage from around £45, peekaboovintage.com

Rokit is down to £25 rokit.co.uk

OR . . . check out Army Surplus store, where prices start at a MEAGRE £12!!! britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk

The original Rihanna-endorsed studded denim hotpants are £95 from the Ragged Priest. So everyone’s got a minimum of 17 pairs of denim shorts in their cupboard these days. But THESE THESE! are covered in lethal pointy spikes! Ragged Priest are my absolute go to brand for all things spikey – so get involved!

The Ragged Priest studded denim hotpants, £95, theraggedpriest.com

All you need now is a back-to-the-Nineties hippy backpack, (if you can wait to get it shipped) from Etsy, for around £16.50 Very nice.

Backpack from £16.50, etsy.com