FATshion: Indie+ Fashion Show Recap!

I try my hand at fatshion-reporting via video! It sort of works out!
Publish date:
November 22, 2011
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This weekend I had the good fortune to attend the third annual Indie+ Fashion Event at Re/Dress NYC. Sadly, this was also the closing event for Re/Dress, which after three years of offering amazing plus-size vintage clothing to stylish fat folks in Brooklyn and beyond -- as well as a supportive and inspirational space for all sorts of bodies -- has had to shutter its brick and mortar store.

Since its inception, the Indie+ show has been an outlet for plus size designers to showcase clothing that departs from the standard corporate-friendly fare readily found in sizes 14 and up, and to offer an alternative to those of us who like a little more personality in our outfits. This year’s designers included Big Girls United, Domino Dollhouse, Size Queen, Hissyfit, and Sweetooth Couture. And I have video! I recorded the finales of each collection, so y'all can see these clothes on moving bodies, which is something I know I appreciate when I'm shopping.

Big Girls United makes gorgeous knitwear meant to showcase a body, not hide it.

Domino Dollhouse (which I’ve written about here before) offers quirky retro-ish dresses and skirts that are seriously right up my stylistically idiosyncratic alley.

Size Queen makes stuff that is straight-up wild; it’s not to everyone’s taste, but I sort of love knowing that a rainbow-zebra romper exists in the world, you know?

Hissyfit makes awesome vintage-styled clothing from retro fabrics, to your size. I’ve sung their praises here already but seriously, if you wear plus sizes and have given up on vintage style, give Hissyfit a shot.

Finally, Sweetooth Couture puts on a fun mix of quirky-glam separates and dresses; you actually get to see the whole show on this one, as my phone was being weird.

That's my cutting-edge report from the fringes of plus-size shopping. And this was me, once I was done collecting all this critical information for you.