FATshion: Girlygirl Edition

Pink, lace, ruffles, AND a giant bow, all at the same time.
Publish date:
September 14, 2011
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At the beginning of the great camp masterpiece "Showgirls," there is a scene when our heroine arrives in Las Vegas under a sign that advertises “HUGESTRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE.” In the days that I watched this film on a near-weekly basis whilst drinking with friends -- a practice that functioned not unlike the Rocky Horror Picture Show viewings of my youth -- the response was always the same, “IS THAT A DESSERT OR A DANCER?”

As if the movie knew we would ask this question, moments later, inside the casino, we get the most fleeting glimpse of a background actor dressed, it would seem, as HUGE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE would dress if she WERE a dancer, and this mysterious pink-clad stranger always lingered in our minds. Who is she? What is her story? And most importantly, where did she get that dress?

I've never found that dress. But I have found something close to it, from adorable plus-size boutique Domino Dollhouse: the Birthday Bash dress.

Maybe this isn't for everyday wear. Unless, perhaps, you work as a showgirl. Sure, it looks like something my childhood Barbies would have fought over. But it's fun! And we shouldn't always need a special occasion to don cotton-candy ruffles and pretend it's our damn birthday, right?

The Birthday Bash Dress comes in sizes 16 to 28, and can be yours for $169.99.