FATshion: The Dress That Shall Not Be Named Edition

How many times can I say "pussy" in one post? Let's find out.
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October 12, 2011
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I have a problem with pussy. Bows. I have a problem with pussy bows. The fact that I can make that sentence into something that will probably get this site further entrenched into workplace-firewall-blocking no-man's-land of "sex education" simply with the placement of an errant period illustrates said problem.

A pussy bow is basically a blouse or dress with attached ties that the wearer either styles as an ascot, or fashions into a big floppy bow. The origin of this phrase is unclear -- the Internet fashion blogging community seems to have settled on cats as the genesis of the pussy in pussy bows. Given that old-timey illustrations of kitties often depicted them with a big floppy bow, like so:

Is that it? I have no idea. It seems like a disappointingly innocuous origin, if it's true.

I like this style, even though I hate the name. Today's bit o' Fatshion carries on the proud pussy bow tradition, combining it with tiny polka dots and a floral print. Too much? Not for me.

The Angel Eye Floral & Spot Georgette Dress can be found at Style369 (which is a UK site, so US shoppers be warned) and is badly in need of an improved name, although I suppose I should be grateful that "pussy bow" isn't in there somewhere as well. The only way this dress could be improved would be if it also featured little beribboned kittycat heads in the print. Pussy bows, indeed.