FATshion: Boots for Wide Calves

I'm hunting down the elusive fat-calf-fitting boots, Indiana Jones style.
Publish date:
September 20, 2011
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Let me tell you about my calves.

We’re coming into fall, and every year around this time I start hearing about people’s troubles finding boots to fit their legs.

Man, I feel you, I really do. I feel you because I beat most folks’ meaty-calf woes beat by a mile. At roughly 21” around, I outsize the vast majority of even special wide-calf boots, which tend to top out at 18” or so.

Nevertheless, every fall I venture into the shoe-shopping underworld in search of the fabled Boots That Fit.

Sometimes I succeed splendidly. Often I fail.

You could say I have a little expertise in this area. So! This here is Lesley’s Boots Guide for the Prodigiously Calved.

WideWidths: This is the source, y’all. This site carries boots in wide, extra wide, and even “super wide” calves, which range from 19” to 21”, depending on shoe size. In my experience, if you can’t find boots to fit your calves at this joint, they probably don’t exist. The down side? They’re expensive. And I’m cheap. So let’s keep looking, shall we?

DUO: DUO is a company based in the UK that makes custom fitted boots (and shoes). Rather than going with the usual one-size-fits-all route, boots from DUO can be ordered in any calf width from 30cm to 50cm, which makes them equally useful for those with narrow calves who also have boot-fitting troubles. Of course, DUO boots are also expensive, and international shipping makes returns a pain, so ordering from them can be a big roll o’ the dice for those of us in the US.

Zappos & Endless: Both of my favorite mammoth-shoe-empire sites allow searching by calf circumference, and usually have the best prices. Unfortunately, said searching can be wildly depressing when you see the boots results dwindle from 6,000 to 12 once your search has been applied. See also 6pm.com, Zappos’ outlet site, for bargains on past-season stuff.

Torrid: Oh sure, they’re made of plastic and probably won’t last the whole winter. But they’re outrageously affordable, and they’ll fit lots of wider calves. I have many friends who swear by Torrid’s boot selection

Simply Be: This catalog is new to the US, and has a huge selection of both wide-calf boots AND plus-size clothes. They don’t seem to actually list circumference measurements, but I’d bet that if you fit Torrid’s boots, you will probably fit these as well.

Got a solid boot source I’ve overlooked? I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments.