Are You A Fashionorexic? 4 Tips To Keep You From Starving Yourself For Fashion

Women in the UK are eating beans on toast so they can buy clothes.

Oh look, another blend word about eating disorders to add to “manorexia,” “tanorexic,” “thinspiration” and “fauxlimia.” It basically means you’d rather not eat for a month to buy a Chanel bag. Here’s my solution: Go to Chinatown and buy a fake one for $50. Problem solved, you silly goose.

“Fashionorexia” is a new term, but not a new thing by any means. I’ve saved up money and sacrificed fancy dinners to buy expensive clothes. I would think that most women who love fashion and don’t have millions of dollars have made sacrifices one way or the other. Right?

This article claims that women are surviving on eating beans on toast for up to two weeks in order to score some sick Louboutins. I’ve never had beans on toast (the article is based on women in the UK, who apparently eat a ton of beans on toast) so let’s pretend they’re talking about ramen noodles, you know, those 10-cent packages of heart-attack inducing sodium that college kids eat (also the ADULT guy I’m dating eats them too, he’s a maniac).

I wouldn’t go as far as jeopardizing my health to buy the latest $500 Jenni Kayne flats (I want them so badly) but I can definitely say I have avoided going to dinner or buying drinks at a bar to save money for expensive items.

New clothes make me happy, and they make me feel good about my appearance. Not in a, “I Have A Storage Unit Filled With Rodarte Dresses: The Melissa Stetten TLC special” way, but I’ll weigh the pros and cons of eating fancy sushi or buying those $200 Rag & Bone jeans I know I’ll wear for at least a year. I bought shoes right after a break-up and then freaked out for a month because I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay rent, and that was sort of my lesson in valuing health over material items.

I've made huge changes in my shopping protocol lately that have saved me a ton of money and buyer’s remorse. Here are my guidelines to not becoming a full blown fashionorexic.

1. Don't buy something unless you absolutely love it.

I was in Rag & Bone a few days ago, buying my yearly jeans (I bought a few pairs three years ago and I STILL rock them all the time) because Rag & Bone make the best quality jeans in my opinion. I took a few tops to the dressing room with me and really liked this one:

I didn’t LOVE it, but I knew I would probably wear it a bunch. Then I looked at the price tag. $220, yikes! That’s a lot for a sweater that’s not even an actual sweater. I almost bought it, but then stopped myself because BILLS.

I did, however, buy a pair of cropped jeans and I’ve been wearing them nonstop for the past week. I never really got into the boyfriend jean craze, because I prefer skinny jeans over baggy, and these seemed to live in both worlds. I also love the zip on the bottom and how short they are. They go great with low-cut boots and my favorite Golden Goose sneakers that are three years old and smell like death.

2. Go for quality, not quantity.

Another thing I’ve talked myself out of is buying lots of cheap stuff. It’s so tempting to go into TopShop and buy all the sale T-shirts for $15, but I always limit myself to one. Cheap clothes don’t last as long as quality clothes. Those H & M and Zara tanks have a fairly short life, but my Alexander Wang tees have lasted years.

3. Use the buddy system.

Shop with a friend, they’ll always talk sense into you when you step out of a dressing room wearing an amazing dress that only costs as much as five phone bills. I’ve talked my friends out of buying things because I know they’ll regret it or only wear it once. There’s nothing worse than having an amazing dress with the price tag still on it, hanging on your mirror, staring at you because you haven’t found the right place to wear it to, even though you spent $300 on it.

4. Unsubscribe from email promotions.

I know, I know, you keep doing it, but they keep coming back. STOP TEMPTING ME NET-A-PORTER! Sure, I want to see the latest trends in London, but also, you’re making me feel guilty for not staying on top of my fashion game! Let me have a “STYLISH SPRING BREAK” on my own time, you marketing monsters.

Have you ever sacrificed your health for fashion? How do you stop yourself from buying tons of stuff?