4 Chic Pieces Of Wearable Technology I Would Actually Wear

This list is largely based on my inability to hold my life together without intense technological support.
Publish date:
April 4, 2014
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The latest buzz word seems to be “wearable technology” (think Google Glass, Fitbit, and Jawbone Up). But as someone who only figured out how to turn her iPhone off last week and who considers walking up the two flights of stairs to my apartment all the daily exercise I need, most of the super-hyped wearable technology out there just isn’t all that interesting to me.

What I really want are cool wearables that'll make my phone-obsessed, spill-attracting, key-losing life better. Good news, guys! I found some new items that are practical and look good. Check them out:

Phone-Charging Leather Tote Bag

In my Eternally Chic and Always Put-Together French Girl Life (you know the one), I will have a capsule closet containing the perfect pair of skinny jeans, one distressed motorcycle jacket, one silk shirt, and one simple leather tote that will effortlessly take me from work to the farmer’s market to the Chinese takeout place. emPOWERED’s new leather tote (100% leather! Made in NYC! The perfect Mary Poppins size!) fits perfectly into that vision, with the addition of one stunning feature:

You’ll be able to charge your phone from inside your bag.

emPOWERED first burst onto the wearable tech scene last year with their oversized clutch bags. You charge the bag by plugging the charging cable inside the bag into your computer or wall adapter, and one charge can fully charge your phone (or Kindle/digital camera/tablet).

Stylish tote + always charged iPhone? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

$289, ships April 8th 2014, pre-order here.

Boyfriend-Sized Watch You Can Feed Your Tamagotchi From

Whenever my friends extoll the virtues of smartwatches (sorry, I live in San Francisco, it’s basically a requirement that you talk about this stuff), I usually go PFFFT. I mean, I already have a phone that keeps my life together, and the available smartwatches are just not cute. Enter the Pebble Steel, which comes as close to oversized watch perfection as a smartwatch can.

The Pebble Steel comes with all the regular nifty smart watch features, like receiving phone calls, getting text notifications, and controlling your phone’s music player from your wrist, but the best part of it is their cray app store. Pay at Starbucks? Check. Get live score updates from ESPN? Check. Track USPS and FedEx packages? Check. What my teenage girl heart loves the most though, are the virtual pet apps. It’s like Tamagotchi on crack.

$250, order here.

Stain-Repellent White Jeans

So spring is (supposedly) on its way, which means it’s time to break out the white jeans and pastel colors. Unfortunately when you’re so clumsy that you have a daily spill count (today’s: coffee on my white jeans, unidentifiable stain from bus floor on purse, bits of tiny quinoa trapped in woolly sweater), one of your life tenets, out of sheer necessity, is NEVER WEAR WHITE.

However, it seems like the brainy folks over at Joe’s Jeans heard my cry and they invented -- wait for it -- spill-proof white jeans. This is life-changing, guys. Their white denim will repel liquids like water, coffee, soda, and most importantly, wine. Unfortunately lip gloss and paint are still a free-for-all, but one can always hope.

$145 for a skirt to $189 for suit pants, ships April 2014, purchase here.

Door Unlocking Ring

Waving your hands in the future could mean a variety of things:

And by “future” I really mean May 2014, which is when the NFC ring ships.

  1. Saying hi to a friend.
  2. Giving said friend your contact information.
  3. Unlocking your door to invite said friend in.

NFC is short for near-field communication, which sounds like a military term but is actually something that allows radio communication between two things (say, ring and door lock) by bringing them close together. While the technology is way more popular in Europe and Asia, the lure of a keyless lock and being able to share information without the hassle of digging out your phone from the depths of your purse or pocket is just way too enticing. Plus this ring is actually pretty cute, in a chunky band sort of way.

$49, ships May 2014, pre-order here.

Which one of these pieces would you get? Are you into wearable tech?