JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: Meet Your NEW "Personal Shopper" Columnist and Send Her All Your Fashion-y Requests S'il Vous Plaît

Eric and I officially have faith in and endorse this, and we're sort of bitches. So everyone should be impressed with little Julie!

OK, so this is the story of fashionable wee Julie. Ever since she was my intern at Lucky years ago, I've been obsessed with Julie’s clothes. When I started working at xoJane, I would tell Eric constantly that I had the most fashionable assistant to bring in who always had the greatest outfits and who could find the most amazing stuff online.

Of course Eric had zero interest, because fashion people don't take anybody's else word for anything sight unseen like that. Please. Plus, even if they do meet the person in question, they need to be violently obsessed with that person to even admit that they’re even a little bit chic. It's just how it is.

Anyway, when I hired Julie to do beauty coverage for me, I told her to start photographing her outfits, but she didn’t. She claims this was because she was too busy calling in products and acting as my "personal shopper." Remember how she tried to help me quit ballet flats on her very first day? Obviously no one can ever make me quit anything, but it was a fantastic effort.

(It should be duly noted here that the term "personal shopper" makes Eric gag as though he’s "stuck in Century 21 hell", but it makes me feel incredibly reassured and taken care of since all I know how to buy are imported Babyshambles T-shirts and baseball hats made by cigarette companies. I collect them; so what.)

Then I introduced Julie to Eric and he immediately approved of her, but of course didn’t admit it for a while -- fashion people do NOT gush. They f-king judge!And for those of you who missed season two of America’s Next Top Model, or who just can't watch television like a normal person because it's personally confusing (me), our very own Fashion Director was the sexy judge on that show who sat between Tyra Banks and Janice Dickinson. His replacement now is Andre Leon Talley. Because Eric is a boss like that.

Anyway, Eric is the king of judging, and that very Eric likes and believes in Fashion Julie! Just as I do. So she gets to help you with some fashion-y things. She's a spectacularly chic little number. And though it pains me to share Julie, she’s just so killer at fashion that I have no choice.

So here you go. I reluctantly demand you send all your fashion questions to Julie at Julie@xojane.com and she’ll take care of you just like she takes care of me. XO