FASHION FO' YO' FINGERS: I'm Addicted To Rings And You Should Be Too

Nail art is cool and all but you've gotta add to the hand-party mix with as many rings as you can possibly tolerate!
Publish date:
December 26, 2012
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I'm a freak for jewelry, just as I am for beauty products. I am constantly trolling Etsy, antique markets and boutiques for unique pieces to add to my collection and I will probably never be satisfied until I have ONE BILLION pieces of jewelry. A big obsession of mine right now is collecting rings. I've been inspired by the older women I used to encounter in my retail jobs, who would hand over their cash or credit cards with fingers full of rings. It was over-the-top but still chic, in a mystical, well-traveled fortuneteller way. So into it.

As with all of my recommendations, I'm here to help you all join my weird cult of mini-mes who all look and dress alike (don't act surprised). Below I've pulled together a couple of my favorites for you to buy and add to your collection. Enjoy!

Golden Crossed Arrows Signet Ring ($54 from datter on Etsy)

Available in gold or silver, this tiny etched signet style ring has two arrows criss-crossing over each other AND it can be used to imprint wax seals if you are so pleased to do so. I'd consider you very fancy and old school if you did, and immediately request that you send me snail mail adorned with aforementioned wax seal. Just saying.

Catbird Threadbare Ring ($44,

I am obsessed with this teeny-tiny-little hammered 14k gold ring. I purchased mine in a size 3 to wear on the upper knuckle of my ring finger, but they're available up to a size 8 if you'd like to wear them in the "traditional" place. I love the juxtaposition of super delicate jewelry with kooky-crazy big pieces, like the one below.

Gold Plated Quartz Point Ring ($25, from nubambu on Etsy)

Whenever I wear this ring, people feel inclined to comment on it. They either say, "Wow, cool ring!" or, "You could really hurt someone with that!" Well, I probably could. I'm always down for jewelry that doubles as protection. However, the actual quartz is smoothed down so it doesn't snag on your clothes or hurt you, and the band is adjustable for comfort. It's also gold-plated so you don't have to worry about green-stained skin.

Bing Bang Rose Gold Anchor Ring ($68,

So, a few days ago I bought some Bing Bang studs, put them in my purse, and then somewhere throughout the day, lost them. I'm super-pissed at myself but I guess it taught me not to place too much value on material things and -- whatever! I'm sad that I didn't get to wear them but I'll survive. Bing Bang makes such cute stuff, like this cute little rose gold anchor. I'm all about nautical stuff. And rings. Match made in heaven!

PRO TIP: Stores like H&M and Forever21 always have cute, on-trend rings for crazy-cheap prices. The only problem is that they're made with very inexpensive materials that are bound to stain your fingers. Before you wear them for the first time, cover them with a few coats of clear nail polish and let it dry. Boom! Won't stain your fingers or tarnish and they'll stay looking as cute as the day you bought them.

Now get out there and adorn your hand toes.