FASHION EMERGENCY: Find Me Something to Wear with My Body-Con Leather Mini!

Hi Julie! I just recently bought a vintage body-con leather mini and I need help styling it!!
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February 28, 2012
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Hi Julie!

I just recently bought a vintage body-con leather mini and I need help styling it!! I got it for my sister's bachelorette party and I'm not sure what to do with it. Do I get something chiffon? A graphic tee? Do I tuck it in? Do I leave it out? It's pretty high waisted but I certainly need some help. I want to look hot, but not like I'm trying too hard. Would it look bad if I got some of those illusion tights with the fake garters? What kind of shoes should I wear? Help, help, help!!!



Hey Sabrina, thanks for sending pics, you sexy minx! I love this leather mini and congrats on finding it vintage -- so much better than settling for some sad stretch pleather number.

Now on to what you should pair with it. When I'm wearing something super-hot, which is never, I like to keep the rest of the look decidedly unsexy. Think stripper heels with oversized denim; a bustier and a utility jacket; a tiny dress with high-tops -- you get it.

So for your mini, I'd do a graphic tee, as you suggested, but a really obscure band one. Like something from Cat's closet. She gets all of hers on eBay (and spends a fortune), but I'm sure you or a friend have something at home. And if not, you clearly know your vintage.

If you're not feeling the whole band tee look, how about a shrunken pullover that hits right at the waist? That way you can show off your hourglass figure without trying too hard. I love this one , but if you're not into sportswear, this is a great option too.

Forever 21 Cropped Knit Pullover, $15. Now on to tights. Like I said, you've got enough sex appeal with the skirt, so skip the faux-garter tights and save them for something less hot like I don't know, winter shorts. If you're somewhere chilly, why not try sweater tights?

They'll offer some contrast in texture against the leather and again, take the whole look down a notch.

If it's not cold then screw the tights! I hate them actually, and mine are ruining everything today. I wore a dress because Cat's sending me to lots of fancy events (more about those later), but static from the tights makes my hem ride up. A few strides and the dress is completely NSFW.

Anyway, back to you! Whenever I'm wearing leather up top, I hate the matchy-matchy look of leather shoes so I usually go with suede. As for heel height, that's entirely up to you. I'd love to see this look with a high pump or bootie; a bachelorette party is no place for flats. Do you like these?

TOPSHOP Adore Boots $124

Alright Sabrina, BAM, you're good to go. I think you've got a chic little template for all the penis-shaped accessories you'll be forced to wear on the big night, right? What do you guys think? Would you wear this outfit? Tell me.

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