OBSESSED WITH: Chic Baseball Caps and Covering My Face

Put a lid on it.

Remember how I told you about my ultra-sensitive super rash-prone skin? Well, somewhere around late September I had a face freak-out so severe that I took to my bed for a week and only came out after dark with my face hidden under an oversized baseball cap. It was very Acne spring 2012 or incognito celebrity.

Anyway, my hat originally served the practical purpose of covering my rashy face, but I sort of loved how it looked paired with unsporty things like tuxedo jackets and leather skinnies --unexpected and a little bit boyish.

After the rash went away, I kept wearing the cap and added more hats to my collection including that all black Yankees "fitted" although I've never been to a baseball game and I'm not a rapper. Whatever!

The key to making the cap work for you though, is keeping the rest of your look sleek and polished like the sexy Swede below. Go with minimal makeup and clean, shiny hair.

Now, have a look at some of my favorite chic baseball caps available right now.

Miu Miu Felt Tip Cap, $395

KR3W Stud Snap Black Hat, $6.99

Lifetime Collective Hat, $9.99