EYEBALL IN MY MARTINI: Cool Clothes That Look Back At You

Here's some creepy eyeball stuff for gorgeous ghoulies. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
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May 29, 2013
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I've talked here on xo before about how I think the fashion world tries to ram a lot of made up "trends" down our throats. If I read one more "SPRING'S MUST HAVES!!!" article, well, I'm just going to read it and silently roll my eyes, that's what I'm going to do.

I have my own trends I like to try to turn you guys onto. They aren't actually official trends (who is in charge of that, anyway?), just cute stuff I see floating around on the Internet that I want to share with you. So without further yammering, I present to you my latest fashion jam: EYEBALLS!

Chances are you already have a pair of eyeballs in your head, so you are already on-trend! If you'd like to take your eyeball style up a notch, I'm here to help. But first, please listen to this fabulous Cramps song from which I stole the title of this post:

I saw Lux Interior here in LA once, at Mr. T's Bowl and Nightclub. He was wearing a pair of black patent leather high-heeled pumps and some shiny vinyl pants. He was with the beautiful Poison Ivy Rorschach, and I literally could not decide which one of them was more mesmerizing.

The problem with a lot of eyeball stuff is that it got BURNED OUT a bit by the rockabilly crowd in 1998-2003. The winged Von Dutch eyeball, specifically. Ack.

Agyness Deyn, English fashion model and cutting edge fashionista, has designed an entire spring collection for Dr. Martens that uses the eyeball motif in the way it was intended -- as a slightly weird, casually macabre tool to allow the wearer to inform the world at large, "I am little bit strange, and maybe you should think twice before you talk to me." That's what I am intending my clothes to say every time I get dressed, anyways.

What I really love is a piece of eyeball jewelry casually paired with a simple black dress. You get extra credit if you wear a piece of eyeball jewelry somewhere it doesn't belong, such as a wedding or a fancy dress dinner party. It's a great conversation starter, or if you like, a conversation ender. The dude that wants to talk to a girl wearing eyeball jewelry is the dude I totes want to make out with.

There are more subtle ways to wear a little eyeball flavor -- via a pair of socks or some bobby pins.

If you are a fairly decent do-it-yourself type, you could buy fake plastic eyeballs and hot glue them on everything you own. I'm seriously considering making myself some flip-flops with eyeballs on them.

Here's looking at you, creeps.

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