Emily's Beauty and Style Picks: 9 Things I Bought or Thought About Buying This Week

Let my compulsive shopping work for you.
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October 2, 2013
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I buy and think about buying a lot of stuff. I'm not a beauty or fashion writer, but some people seem to like the same stupid stuff I like. If you're one of them, this post is for you! Nine cute things I either bought or thought about buying this week.

1. Bon Look La Marquise Glasses in Kitten Pink, $99

I didn't buy these, they were sent to me for being a person on the Internet. But Bon Look glasses are super-cheap and awesome. I also got the Martha in Sky, because I'm a sucker for weird-colored glasses. I would show you a picture but I accidentally left them at home.

2. Rent the Runway Plus Size

Rent the Runway now has plus-size options up to a 22, and they gave me a credit to check out the new collection. I rented the Badgley Mischka Chrysler at Night Dress in a size 16 for my trip to Atlantic City last week. (It also comes in gold!) Because I am a bumbling womanchild, I screwed up and ordered delivery for the wrong weekend, so I can also tell you that RtR customer service is very helpful and accomodating when you need your dress switched at the last minute.

I basically just wore it to dinner and then like, through the halls of the casino, but weird dudes said stuff to me so I figure I looked pretty good. It costs $75 to rent for 4 days, and then you just put it in the pre-labeled UPS envelope they provide and send it back, which you know had to be pretty easy for me to manage. My purse is always full of garbage, you guys. That's just who I am.

3. The Tommy Hilfiger Book Dress, $89.50

This dress did not fit completely close over my boobs or I would definitely have bought it, even though I'm pretty sure this is a print steal from a Maria Cornejo dress from a few years back. More book printed things, please.

4. Fitted Boyfriend Shirt in Cat Print, $54.95

Further proving that I never met a weird-ass print I don't like, I recently purchased this GAP button-up with tiny red-blue-and-white cats on it. It was hard, because I loathe a white button-up and I've always said the only reason I'd ever buy one is to slit my wrists with its crip starched corners, but this one was to cute to resist.

5. Forever 21 Fast Food Muscle Tee, $14.80

I mean.

My one warning is that this top is cut like a muscle tee and really low on the sides, so you may have to wear a camisole underneath it. There's also one with just french fries.

6. MAC Relentlessly Red, $15

I'm obsessed with the whole Retro Matte collection, especially since half of it sold out immediately before I even got to try all the shades! But MAC sent me Relentlessly Red for an upcoming story and I've worn it pretty much every day since. It may even have replaced my previous signature MAC red, Lady Danger. I've seen this shade still hanging around the MAC Store so you should still be able to grab it.

7. Topshop Knitted Fluffy Crew Jumper, $76

I didn't buy this, but as soon as I saw it, I thought of this:

I mean, I know I'm not the only one whose style brain was heavily influenced by seeing Liv Tyler wear this outfit in "Empire Records." The sweater above is your chance to make this outfit happen IRL.

8. Kate Spade Boys Make Passes T-shirt, $58

Didn't buy this one, either, I just think it's cute, as is the rest of the academia-themed stuff Kate Spade just released. There are book clutches, a card catolog handbag, a glasses-print blouse and scarf, a library card iPhone case and more. The T-shirts at Kate Spade do tend to run small, but this book pendant could fit anyone.


Club Monaco Samone Coat,


Ever since spotting that Club Monaco coat in that InStyle spread, I've been obsessing over a powder puff pink coat for winter. This specific one only goes up to a Large, so it's serving as my template. I also tried on this New York and Company one recently, but it wasn't perfect on me. Please help me locate the pink coat of my dreams.

What did you buy this week, if anything? Should I do this again or was it dumb? What's the weirdest print you own?