Emily's Beauty and Fashion Picks: It's Getting Cold So I Bought Sweaters and Jackets

It's starting to get cold here, and like every fall, I'm looking into my closet and wondering what the hell I wore last year at this time. Seriously, was I naked?
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October 14, 2013
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I've been sick for 3 days and I only just was able to take a shower and partially rejoin humanity, so forgive me for this late installment of "Stuff I Bought or Thought About Buying This Week." It's starting to get cold here, and like every fall, I'm looking into my closet and wondering what the hell I wore last year at this time. Seriously, was I naked? I HAVE NO WARM CLOTHES.

This first purchase got me the serious side-eye from some younger members of the team (who think they're so cool), but said same team members told me not to buy a denim vest, and they were so, so wrong. So here it is, my crazy polar bear ear coat from ASOS:

ASOS Curly Fur Coat With Ears, $142.38

I love it, I don't care that some "friend" on my Facebook page told me I was trying to cover up my "terrible taste in clothing" by wearing self-consciously ridiculous things despite the fact that they are highly inappropriate for my age. (Delete comment, block, thanks.) It reminds me of that fluffy coat Penny Lane wears with nothing underneath in "Almost Famous," except better because it has ears. It's really warm, too.

Anthropologie Leopard Trapeze Coat, $228

And while we're on coats, I purchased this leopard swing coat from Anthropologie a few weeks ago, and wore it for the first time last week, when I was accidental twinsies with Annie K, who may or may not have been one of the teddy bear coat disparagers. Hers is, of course, vintage, cause she's extremely cool. Sidenote: How good does it smell inside the Anthropologie store? Walking in there is like walking into the womb or something.

Later that day, I added a pin from my favorite Etsy store, Flunk Life. (You may remember them from my novelty phrase tank top article.)

It turned out to be appropriate, because they just debuted the sweatshirt versions of my fave T-shirts for $30 bucks each.

I'm definitely going to purchase the sweatshirt version of my beloved "Go To Bed With Motorhead" T-shirt next time I get paid.

Next, I turned to sweaters. In the past, for fall and winter, I've done mostly shift dresses with thick tights and cardigans, but I've come across so many cute sweaters lately that I'm working on a new fall fashion uniform involving sweaters and short flippy skirts. I haven't worked it out fully, but I did purchase the below sweaters.

ASOS Skeleton Sweater, $67.63

Buying spooky Halloween-themed stuff for year-round use isn't just for home decor anymore! See also: Ghost Sweater, $40.92.

ASOS Unicorn Sweater, $62.29

How could I resist?

Forever 21 Plus Cool Cat Sweater, $22.80

I'm not a crazy cat lady or anything (I really only like my own cat), but these little kitty faces on this Forever 21 plus size seater are perfect and adorable and I couldn't resist. I'm wearing it RIGHT NOW.

I also like these cute comic book-inspired ones:

Cool Comic Book Sweater, $22.80

Cool Comic Graphic Sweatshirt, $19.80

Oh, and one BEAUTY thing. Clinique sent over these Quickliner for Eyes Intense eyeliners ($16) a while ago, but I just dug them out of my makeup bag when I couldn't stop my liquid eyeliner from creasing and now I'm totally obsessed. I've been using the Amethyst and Aubergine ones to bring out my eye color and people keep telling me how green they are so I guess it's working. It's a roll-up pencil -- no sharpening necessary -- and has a little smudge tip on the other end. And it didn't end up smeared in my crease.

Still searching for the pink coat of my dream. What have you bought to prepare for fall? PS: There's no daycare today, so I wrote this whole post with a little dude hanging on me. Impressed?