FATshion: ~Romantic~ Edition

I'm going with "romantic" instead of "clownesque."
Publish date:
October 4, 2011
dresses, shoppables, FATshion, clowns, ruffles

I love a ruffle. I love lots of ruffles even more. If I could walk around festooned in ruffles from head to toe and still fit through doorways, I'd probably do it. You know who wore ruffles? Adam Ant. You know who else wears ruffles? Clowns. So I guess what I'm saying is I enjoy details that remind me of an Adam Ant clown (note to self: Halloween costume idea!).

This dress evokes none of that, which I'm sure will come as a relief to most of you.

Eliza Parker's plus-size offerings only recently came to my attention, when literally three people in the course of one day told me they'd bought the Nantucket shirtdress and that they loved it. (Eerily, none of these people know each other.) I do love a good shirtdress, but I have a history of collecting shirtdresses like Emily collects polka dots, so I was more attracted to the Verona dress above.

The website calls this dress "romantic," which is always what they say about ruffles. It's made of mohair jersey knit, which I didn't even know was a thing, but which I'd expect makes this a warm option for fall even in my frigid New England climate, where I persistently wear dresses all winter long. The Verona dress also comes in navy and teal in sizes from 10 to 28, and is not clownish in the least. Fortunately for you, if not for me.