OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Spring Has (Sorta) Sprung

It's time to (kind of) get excited!
Publish date:
March 13, 2015
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It was so awesome this week to step outside and feel the warm sun shining, hear the birds singing, and see the sidewalks littered with trash that had been hiding under snowdrifts for the last three months. OK, maybe the last part wasn't so beautiful, but I was thrilled to finally be wearing a light jacket, and was super happy I finally got the chance to wear my new shoes.

You guys kept the bright and cheerful Spring mood going with your outfits too. Mrs. Stamper showed off her new haircut, along with a sunny yellow blouse.

I also loved amboslambo's maternity outfit with leopard cardigan and Def Leppard tee (leopard/Leppard ... hm).

What did you wear to celebrate this gradual coming of Spring? Break out any new shoes yet? Are you, like me, yelling at the snow, telling it to "melt faster!"? Tell me all about it in the comments, why don't you?