Don't Hate Me, But I'm Ready To Talk About Fall Style

So what if it's August?
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August 21, 2014
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I don't know about you, but to me, this summer has been a complete and utter crap fest. I am full-on ready to bid adieu to the season, and if that means saying goodbye to my beloved sundresses, then so be it. I am ready for the chill September air, slipping my legs into their cozy casing of fleece tights, and pulling all my warmest sweaters out of storage.

Last week I was working on cleaning out my closet, and in the midst of it all I transferred all of my fall clothing from its usual, terrible storage space inside of a plastic IKEA bag to one of those sci-fi vacuum-sealed space bags. As I filled it up with all of my cashmere pullovers and corduroy pants, I felt a bit of annoyance at the fact that I still had to wait a few more weeks to wear these beloved items.

So since it's still too warm to drape my body in the clothing I want to, we're going to talk about it instead. Herewith, the five things I cannot wait to wear come fall-time.


I feel like I've finally reached a point in my life where I'm responsible enough to own and take care of cashmere. In high school? Never. Even when I started college, probably not. But now, I know how to handle the material. I know it needs to be hand-washed and laid out to dry. I fold it gently when I'm not wearing it and make sure it's kept somewhere dry. I feel like a grown-up now -- at least when I do this.

And you know what? Cashmere deserves the special care. It's soft and light and yet so very, very warm. Plus it's not all that fancy-schmancy. You can get really lovely cashmere pull-overs and cardigans for less than $100 at stores like Joe Fresh and Uniqlo, and find especially deep discounts at the end of the season. I've also found a few cashmere sweaters in thrift stores in perfect condition. You've just got to keep your eyes peeled!

Leather skirts

Leather, as much as I love it, does not particularly feel great on the body in the heat of the summer. However, I feel like I've done my share of sweating this year and now I am ready for cool days and nights where I can wear my vintage leather pencil skirt or my A-line leather mini and not feel like I'm going to overheat. You can always buy one of these new for an outrageous price, or head to a thrift store and pick one up for less than $10. I think they're a wardrobe staple.

Pretty much the entire Altuzarra for Target collection

I've always been a fan of Joseph Altuzarra's designs -- there's s a vibe of Studio 54 sexiness to his pieces that I'm innately drawn to. And well, his Target collection (which lands September 14th) is no different, except for the much more palatable price point. My particular obsession lies with the ruby red velvet tuxedo. I've been dying for a velvet suit for ages and I plan on splurging on this beauty as an early birthday gift to myself this year. I also love the gauzy black dress and shaggy black jacket, which I can totally see Anita Pallenberg wearing back in the day.

Fisherman sweaters

Another one of my obsessions is the fisherman sweater. Also known as an Aran sweater or simply "cable-knit," few things make me feel more warm and cozy than a gigantic wool pullover decorated with tons of elaborate knit braids and knots. I am constantly looking for more to add to my collection, sourcing them from thrift stores and finding them with tags that detail their heritage as usually being from England, Scotland and Ireland (aka sheep city).

If you don't feel like wearing a gigantic coat, throw on a fisherman sweater over a long-sleeved tee and you'll be very, very warm. The only issue is that with such a big collection, I'm running out of space to store them. Fisherman sweaters are so dang bulky. But that's the price you pay for looking timeless and being warm, I suppose.

Fall shoes

This week I picked up my Ferragamo Vara flats from the cobbler. When I bought them they were already second-hand, but they proceeded to get very, very beaten up over time. I haven't even worn them since last spring because I was worried they were going to fall apart. But the cobbler worked his magic, giving them new soles, new heels, and he even spiffed up the suede to the point that the shoes look brand new. I can't wait to wear them again, whether it's with plain black trousers or a fancy dress and tights.

So what will you be wearing when the leaves turn? Pictures are encouraged.