Dress The Ed: KJ’s Laundry

In which Rebecca enthusiastically embraces jumpers so she can pretend to be Sarah Lund
Publish date:
October 23, 2012
shoppables, fashion, dress the ed, KJ's Laundry, Sarah Lund, winter jumpers, knitwear

Ah autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that jazz. And alongside crumble and custard, a new season of Downton (praise be) and conkers, one of the greatest things about autumn is JUMPERS! Now we’ve always loved jumpers, but this season they’re a ‘thing’ as well – which may or may not matter depending on how you feel about the transitory nature of fashion trends.

Big, chunky knits, often featuring retro, alpine patterns or animal designs popped up at Burberry, Vanessa Bruno, Christopher Kane and Rodarte to name a few, while our favourite magazine The Gentlewoman filled pages and pages of the current issue with pictures of Yasmin Le Bon looking smoking hot in jumpers.

Now my favourite places to pick up a woolly are the men’s departments of Uniqlo and M&S, but for this particular Dress the Ed I decided to put Rebecca in some posh, fashion-forward knits from KJ’s Laundry, a boutique that handpicks pieces from little-known international designers with a strong Scandi slant and just opened their second store (after the Marylebone original) on the Kings Road. Rebecca embraced this choice not because she's particularly bothered about appearing 'on trend' (loathsome phrase) but because it gave her the opportunity to moodily channel her screen idol, Sarah Lund from The Killing.

It was a crisp, sunny day so we stepped out into Fitzroy Square to take the photos. First up was a lovely emerald green ‘Liz Melange sweater’ from Hope, a Swedish label which is known for giving their clothes a masculine edge. In the case of this jolly green jumper, it was elbow patches in a cool spongy neoprene-style fabri. The hem scooped down at the back and there were buttons down the back too. All nice details that added some extra interest to what was already a lovely knit.

Up next was Rabens Saloner’s rainbow stripe knit which was comfortingly soft, fluffy and cuddly (all good things in a jumper) and featured the exact same russet shades as the leaves that were blowing around the square. When worn with skinny indigo jeans from Brooklyn label Williamsburg Garment Company, a black pea coat from Hope and Rebecca’s brown leather ankle boots, we arrived at the perfect outfit for a country stroll followed by an epic pub lunch.

But the last one from Gat Rimon was definitely my favourite – it has gold and white shimmery lurex stripes and diamonds forcryingoutloud! Wow. And what saves it from tipping into comedy territory? The base is navy and anything navy is amazing. Look, see for yourself.

I have a pretty hefty stack of jumpers in my wardrobe and because (shockingly) I actually make an effort to look after them – either hand washing or using the gentlest cycle on the machine and drying them flat – they’ve stayed in really good shape. This is a relief as some weren’t cheap (a much-loved stripy Luella number in particular) and I love wearing things that are years old - they just feel nice. But there’s always room for one more – trends may come and go, but as Robyn is fond of muttering ominously, “Winter is coming..."