Dress the Ed: I love candy

In which I style Rebecca in the most challenging clothes I can find and she annoyingly looks good in them
Publish date:
May 31, 2012
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Sugared almond shades at Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012

Pastels dominated the S/S12 catwalks – a collective spirit seemed to seize designers and so many, in their own distinctive ways, produced ice cream coloured collections. From Marc Jacobs’ ladylike offering at Louis Vuitton, all sherbet lemon and sugared almond shades, to the batshit crazy catwalk ‘happening’ at Meadham Kirchhoff (dancing Courtney Love-alikes, mini ballerinas, candyfloss wigs), an irreverent, frivolous attitude prevailed. But can you wear these sugary shades in real life without looking like a 5 year old at a birthday party? Is it all just a tad too twee? I roped Rebecca in to find out...

Look, I even made her carry a little radio as an accessory and she still looks cool. Ugh.

Now Rebecca is a very relaxed, accommodating Editor and she proves what a good sport she is by letting me dress her up like a doll. Exhibit A: the jazzy candy-coloured harlequin-style shorts suit (*shrieks*) that I called in from ASOS which, as you will see in these pictures, she pulled off with aplomb. In fact, I think I may have managed to persuade her to step outside of her clothing comfort zone in future and embrace such fanciful fashion ‘moments’ as pastels, bloomers and matching tops and bottoms.

We styled the shorts suit with a lovely blue marl tee that was dragged from the depths of Rebecca's wardrobe, a multi-coloured necklace that we untangled from the horrors on top of her dressing table, pale pink resin ASOS sunglasses and a duck egg blue Roberts radio which was propping up some books on her bureau. Oh and a nice sensible pair of white canvas brogues from ASOS (I have a version of these from COS and they also look great with cropped trousers as well as anchoring sundresses beautifully.)

Back into Rebecca's terrifyingly messy bedroom to break the shorts suit down into its separate parts. Swapping the blue tee for a grey one and adding a vivid emerald green jacket from ASOS and Rebecca's favourite brown leather wedges looked colourful and chic and reminded us of that foxy outfit Kate Moss wore to a wedding once.

Kate Moss looking smokin' hot in a shorts suit at a wedding

Losing the jacket gave it a more casual, after-work-drinks-in-the-pub feel.

And what was Rebecca's verdict?

Erm, I wasn't too taken with the whole top and shorts combo, felt more Miami Vice than Miss Moss (although posing for photos in by grubby garden in South London soon put paid to that). However, once I was allowed to ditch the jacket and add my wedges into the mix, I was much happier. I was pleasantly suprised at how much I liked both the pattern and the style of the shorts, it looked much less like a really jazzy nappy than I thought it was going to. So much so that I'm considering investing in a pair of team with my standard issue summer uniform of a grey marl t-shirt and white pilmpsolls.

Not sure I'd walk the mean streets of South London carrying a pastel blue Roberts Radio though, that's just asking to be pelted with rotten eggs...

So would you consider wearing a shorts suit, or this season's pastels, or BOTH?