Why You Shouldn't Give A Crap About The Size Label On Your Clothes

Fashion should be a free-for-all, not a fit-in-this-category-all!
Publish date:
June 29, 2011
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These are my current favorite pieces in my wardrobe. On the left is is my new favorite dress from T by Alexander Wang. I've been wanting it all season and I finally got it two weeks ago. It was the last one there and it was a size Large but as soon as I tried it on I knew it was perfect. It was way more perfect than it would've been if I had gotten my "correct" size.

When I got home and put it away, I realized that lately I have been buying a lot of clothes that are outside the realm of what I should be wearing.

There is the knit tunic I went up two sizes so that it would be a proper dress, the Band of Outsiders men's shirts that I love because their smallest size fits me perfectly and the button-down shirts from the boys department at Gap Kids that are cropped in all the right ways and that I collect like candy whenever they go on sale. I'm wearing the latest addition to my collection on the right.

"Congrats Laia, do you want a cookie for that?" Well no and yes (I always want cookies), but this shouldn't be a revolutionary thought.

If working retail for over 10 years has taught me anything, it's that we can be very attached to the pesky little numbers at the back of our necks and waistbands.

And no, not in a "vanity-sizing" kind of way -- which is definitely NOT what I'm writing about -- just in a weirdly ritualistic "No, but I wear this size" whether someone is suggesting we try a bigger or a smaller size at the store.

We ignore so many other labels and signs all the time! Do not lean on doors? Yeah right. The serving size on a Ben & Jerry's pint being 4 servings? Pshh. Machine wash low tumble medium heat lay flat? Whatever, it all goes into the giant Ikea bag and to the laundromat down the street anyways.

The point is, it's time that we all stop trying to conform to the clothes and instead make the clothes work for us!

You love a short skirt, but wish it was a tad longer? Try it the next size up! Odds are it will still fit and you will get the length that you want.

Wish you had a perfectly slouchy sweater? Go ahead and get the biggest size, or better yet, check into the men's department and envelop yourself in the knits of your dreams.

Actually the men's department is a real treasure trove when it comes to finding cool pieces, especially cool sweaters, soft tees and the aforementioned slouchy knits. Start looking for what you want and start GETTING what you want without giving importance to the outside labels that someone else has given your clothes. Knowwhatimsayin?