What Do I Wear To: My High School's Luau-Themed Reunion

What can Rachel wear that will make her look effortlessly awesome?
Publish date:
July 22, 2011
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Dear Laia,

My 10-year high school reunion is coming up in September. The invitation says it's "casual dress, luau theme." The weather should be balmy that time of year. What can I wear that will make me look effortlessly awesome? Thanks!


Hi Rachel and thank you for writing in! A luau theme for your 10-year reunion sounds kinda annoying ,right? Mine is coming up soon and if it had been a theme I woulda been like screwyouguysimgoinghome, Eric Cartman-style. But my feelings are moot because this is about you and how to make you look awesome. I started thinking and immediately decided that no hibiscus or Hawaiian floral prints dresses would be involved. Too obvious. Then I thought OMG I GOT IT! and thought a pair of breezy floral print trousers would be perfect, but I couldn't really find any online that I loved. I was deterred but not hopeless and there was a voice in the back of my head that kept saying simplify! simplify! when it finally hit me; the most effortless thing you can wear is bright, bold separates.

P.S. Although all the things I featured here are from ASOS, if you have a Zara near you I would check it out because their game this season was totally ON POINT and they had a ton of great, bold-colored things that are probably on sale now. Now if only they got their online ordering together!

Jet Pocket Slim Cropped Pants $68.96 & Slim Waistband Crop Pants $60.34, ASOS

Level 1: A Bold PantA casual cropped pant in a bright color will be super easy to incorporate with other items in your closet. You can pair them with brightly colored tops as well for some color-blocking fun or keep it simple with a white or tan shirt.

Soft Draped Suit Blazer $43.10 and High Waist Silky Shorts $51.72 & Cocoon Suit Jacket $77.58 and Tailored Curved Front Racer Short $25.86, ASOS

Level 2: A Short SuitI came across these little short suits on the ASOS site a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with figuring out a place I would wear these or how to recreate it on my own. I haven't gotten that far yet, but if you're game for a total LOOK this is kind of really genius. The beauty of all these pieces is that you can break them up and wear them separately. With minimal accessories and some really cool flat sandals this is the kind of stuff that would land you in the "best-dressed page" on like Vogue or your high school yearbook.

A cute way to incorporate this idea without actually buying a suit is to just color-coordinate a little cardigan with shorts. They can match or they can both be bright colors for (again) that color-block effect.

Corset Draped Peg Leg Jumpsuit $43.10, ASOS

Level 3: The JumpsuitI love jumpsuits, but I've learned they are a very polarizing item so if you are pro-jumpsuit, consider a cool strapless style in a rich color. Peg legs can be a bit weird sometimes, but I find that by cuffing them once or twice, they take on an extra relaxed and awesome vibe.

All of these paired with some cool flat sandals, maybe even white ones if you dare, and I think you have yourself a nice tropical look without bordering on the usual cliches.

Have an event coming up that you can't figure out how to wear? Let me at it, no matter how weird or crazy (especially if it's weird or crazy) and I'll have a go at it! Send me all your queries to laia@janepratt.com