What Do I Wear To: Make My Crush Notice Me At A Show

The trick to dressing up for a music show is to not dress up at all.
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July 7, 2011
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So here's the story - I'm sort of in love with my former professor (who's actually a grad student, not going to teach at my school again), and I'm going to see his band perform soon in Brooklyn (don't worry, he did invite us... ish). I need an outfit that says I'm a. older than I am (late 20s instead of early 20s) b. hot and c. cool enough for Brooklyn/not trying too hard... help!

thank you so so much,Natalie

Thank you for writing in, Natalie. Man, this is a toughie. If only because I am generally of the frame of mind that we should not get dressed for anyone other than ourselves. And also because I don't really know what clothes would make you look like you are in your "late 20s" instead of your "early 20s" as I am in my "mid-20s" and people still think I am in my "late puberty." Although according to Tai in Clueless "College girls wear less makeup on their face and that's why guys like them more," I know you are past college now, but you know, just throwing it out there in case you'd need it.

The point is, you should always dress like you, especially when you are trying to attract some lovin' to your life because you know, they should like you for who you are and all those other super awesome after-school special vibez.

Ok, now that we've gotten all the feelings outta the way, let's talk outfits.

T by Alexander Wang Striped Tank $42, Ssense

There is no dress code for how you should dress to see a show in Brooklyn, or anywhere else for that matter (assuming you're not going to a fancy affair at BAM or you're going to see opera at the Met). I usually stick to my "default" style, which is jeans, a t-shirt and comfortable flat shoes. In the summer this translates to cut-off shorts, a drapey T by Alexander Wang tank with deep armholes that show off a crazy bra and oxfords.

Staring At Stars Crossback Button-Down Dress $59, Urban Outfitters

Of course, this could also translate to a vintage-y print dress with simple canvas sneakers, or maybe even a bright miniskirt and a sleeveless button-down worn with low-top Converse sneakers.

The point is that you should be comfortable and as "you" as possible; you're there to have fun and you're gonna get sweaty and you don't want to worry about uncomfortable heels or layers of clothes and fabrics that will make you not have the time of your life. Unless you are going to see Lady Gaga, a show is really no place to play dress-up and although I'm all about "wear what you want," I will admit to being totally annoyed when I see girls dressed up to the nines to go to a dingy show at some random warehouse space (though, go them!). And yes, I'm obviously a highly complicated individual.

Does this make sense?