What Do I Wear To: Get People To Trust Me With Their Children?

Don't worry, Ryan is a nanny!

Hey Laia!
I'm currently looking for nannying jobs, but I'm a little stuck on what I should wear to interview with a family. I want to try to look professional and relaxed at the same time. After all, I want these people to trust me to take care of their children! 
Thanks so much! 

Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer $78 & BDG Classic Printed Breezy Button-Down Shirt $39, Urban Outfitters; New Cafe Capri $69.50, J.Crew & Bass Daydream Saddle Shoe $109, Free People.

Thank you for writing in, Ryan! When it comes to job interviews I generally like to keep everything as "standard professional" as possible; that is, trousers, a button-down shirt and a blazer. There is still a great deal of personalization that can occur with such basic items and these can be tailored to the position you are seeking. In your case I think you can take a few fun liberties, like opting for a light color palette (it is summer after all) with some fun prints mixed in.

An easy unstructured blazer is a nice topper for a bold, printed shirt. You can also just wear the shirt tucked into the trousers but a blazer is always a nice touch. A trouser with a narrow cropped leg has a modern, comfortable fit that is dressier while still remaining on the "casual" side of things. I would definitely stick with some flat shoes, maybe some nice ballet flats or of course, a super-cool pair of lace-up shoes. My love for lace-up shoes has been well documented, and these Bass saddle shoes with a flower print are pretty much the coolest pair ever. They would be the perfect topper to a prim-and-proper look that shows you're responsible and fun and ready to take on any challenge that comes along!