What Do I Wear To: Every Single Activity I Intend To Participate In This Summer

It's the first ever "What Do I Wear To:" Quickfire Challenge! Yeah, I've made that into a thing now.

Edith left this comment in the initial "SEND US YOUR WHAT DO I WEAR CONUNDRUMS," and I don't know if she's asking for my help or just telling me all the things she's doing this summer but whatever, I answer ALL questions whether or not they were even questions to begin with.

I was secretly hoping these were all activities she had to do in one day like interning at the all day food festival that takes place at the beach where the hipster friends are also getting married, but that seems SO crazy! I feel like this is a sort of Top Chef Quickfire Challenge situation (I've never seen that show but I've seen the SNL parodies so that's the same thing, right?). And so here are my reflex responses to her summertime outfit conundrums–GO!

Floral Meadow Print Sleeveless Dress, $60.00, Topshop

Casual Hipster Wedding: A short floral print dress and wedge sandals.

Truly Madly Deeply Sunny Side-Up Oversized Tee $29.00, Urban Outfitters

All Day Food Festival: A loose tee, "fashion sweatpants"or any other bottoms with an elastic waist and comfortable flat shoes that won't make you lose your balance as you progressively fill yourself up with food during the day.

Summer Internship: Where? At the zoo? Let's say cargo shorts, sneakers, and a zoo-issued polo shirt. At an investment firm? A sensible knee-length pencil skirt, paired with a 3/4 sleeve button-down shirt; basically anything Hilary Duff does NOT wear in Beauty and the Briefcase. At an art gallery? allblackeverything.

Blue Doily Print Halter Swimsuit $68.00, Topshop

Beach Day with the Boyfriend's Friends: A swimsuit, cut-off shorts and low-top Converse so you can play football or whatever it is groups of dudes do at the beach. I guess this is a time where flip flops are totally appropriate too so I'll concede to them just this once!