Totally Essential In Your Closet: The Military Jacket

A love story in olive green.
Publish date:
July 15, 2011
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This is a story about one of the greatest items to ever live in my closet; my military jacket.

My mom bought it for me just a week or so before I was set to move to Philadelphia to start my life as a college student. I had seen a similar jacket in one of the early Marc by Marc Jacobs shows and while at the mall, I saw this one in the window of Old Navy and so it was mine.

It was perfect, a boxy fit that made it look masculine, combined with slightly shirred sleeves that were unmistakably feminine. Light enough to wear in the breezy mornings where I sometimes didn't go to my classes and instead hung out with my crush in front of my dorm.

I wore it over sweaters in the fall and then put it away, anxiously awaiting its return in the next spring. It was almost like my safety blanket jacket.

And so it has been this way for almost 10 years now. The jacket, as it turns out, reminded me of the Marc by Marc runway version for a reason; it was pretty much a copy.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 10th Anniversary Uniform Jacket $178.80, Saks Fifth Avenue

Not that I gave two craps about that; it's my favorite jacket! But the point is, that now that it's the 10th anniversary of the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, the label has re-issued some of its most iconic pieces, and my favorite jacket has made the cut. If my own baby wasn't in such perfect condition, I'd scoop this up a second (first?) time without thinking twice about it.

The military jacket is the perfect alternative to the jean jacket. In fact, I imagine that people who wear one are forever snubbing their noses at people that wear the other one and then sometimes they break into a choreographed dance-fight (DENIM! TWILL!).

Although I love my jean jacket, there are certainly different uses for both. The cotton twill breathes a little better and the dark color hides the everyday wear and tear. They look just as rad with flower print dresses or your favorite jeans, and they are the accessory of choice for teenage rebellion (see Lindsey Weir in Freaks and Geeks).

Military Jacket $69.95, Gap

No matter where you end up getting your own, you will soon find it indispensable in your closet. So many things have happened in the last 10 years, but there is something oddly comforting in knowing that the jacket is always there, ready to make me look cool and protect me from the elements.

So yeah! Army jackets. Get into it!