Statement Necklaces: The Perfect Accessory For The Lazy

Because looking good is awesome but looking good without trying is even better.
Publish date:
July 14, 2011
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In my continuing search for things that make you look awesome without putting in any effort (see previously: Jumpsuits: The Perfect Garment For The Lazy), I now bring you the report on "statement necklaces."

Statement necklaces are basically regular necklaces on steroids, the result of a jewelry designers watching too many hours of National Geographic and bringing tribal accents to our ho-hum lives. This is a great thing for the lazy! It means that you can wear any ol' white tee and jeans every single day and if you throw one of these necklaces on, people will always be talking about how stylish you are and you will feel like a queen.

Pleated Leather Collar Necklace $34.48, ASOS

See? Even on the websites these necklaces are paired with a T-shirt (like I would ever lie to you). I'm kinda really into this necklace right now. Leather is always a good accent to incorporate into your wardrobe and there's something warrior-like about this piece. It also makes me think of caramel. A caramel warrior necklace. Ugh, now I'm craving a Twix bar.

Brook&Lyn Single Roped Necklace $128.10, Shopbop

I love love love Brook&Lyn's signature necklaces. There's a certain magical element to their simplicity and their nature vibez. This is one of those pieces that would feel like a magical amulet every time I wore it.

Metal Bib with Perspex Bag Handle Detail $86.20, ASOS

If you're more of a futurist than an earth witch trying to find your magical amulet, then this necklace is everything you always wanted and more. It features a bag handle! You can't get much cooler than this. Doesn't this seem like something that came out of the "Stargate" movie? I do not recommend you watch that movie to see if I'm right or not, even if the promise of James Spader seems to overtake the common sense part of your brain.

Sachin + Babi Cortona Necklace

$241.50, Shopbop

Sometimes all you want is everything and the kitchen sink, which is where this Sachin + Babi necklace comes in. Chains and more chains and metal pieces and stones and probably even a baby unicorn bone or something. Whatever, this thing is awesome and you know it. It is calling your name! Come to me and I shall liberate you from the stress of getting dressed in the morning, it says. And you believe it! Just be careful to not step outside in pajamas and Uggs or something; these necklaces are cool but they are NOT miracle workers.