A Post About Wiccan Bags And Purse Chicken

This all makes sense, I promise.
Publish date:
July 1, 2011
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Alexander McQueen Wicca Mini Leather Satchel $1,095 and Wicca Calf Hair Clutch $1,595, Net-a-Porter

Looking through the new arrivals at Net-a-Porter today, I came across these two new bags from the Alexander McQueen label called "Wicca." Is this not the weirdest thing ever? Why you would name a bag after a religion is beyond me and, a couple of Google searches show that there are no "Catholicism" or even "Zoroastrianism" bags. This is evidently not the season of the "spiritual bag," which I guess I'm a little relieved by.

This is all not to say that I find this offensive in any way. If anything, what offends me the most is that they would name such a basic bag "Wicca." Think about it: if you were ever going to buy a something called "Wicca" you'd expect it to be sorta mysterious, a lot more in touch with nature and definitely not reminiscent of a briefcase! I mean, I guess I can see the ladies of "The Craft" carrying these bags, but I feel like that doesn't really count because it would be more because of its "school-girl" vibe than because it's about "the occult."

Does this make sense? Or are these just the non-sensical ramblings of someone who was out drinking last night and sobered up by eating a piece of grilled chicken their friend was carrying in a deli container in her bag? Which, P.S. is kinda the most amazing trick ever! Purse Chicken is my new summer jam.