Obsessed With: These Crazy Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

The saga of the Compulsive Online Window Shopper.
Publish date:
July 19, 2011
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Safety Platform Heel $145, Nasty Gal Vintage

Jeffrey Campbell, purveyor of sometimes ridiculous, sometimes awesome but always totally bananas shoes that make all the bloggers in the world hyperventilate has done it again.

And by "it" I mean he has made me fall in love with a shoe that is just *thisclose* to not being a shoe at all, but a geometric interpretation of a show. A cubist deconstruction. A kid sticking a piece of wood on the end of a long black bar. They are making me question what life choices I must do or undo to get these babies on my feet.

They are 100% completely out of character for me. They would certainly clash with the weird earth-witch vibez I have been so into lately, and yet I want to go out and buy and all new wardrobe full of velvet bell-bottoms, and structured leather tops that can convey their Deee-lite meets minimalism vibe. Wait, can that maybe be my new thing? Groove IS in my heart, after all! No, no it can't, Laia, wake up! I mean, the wooden bits are definitely at home with an earth witch the, but the stripper-esque shape of the front platform is just too much for me to ignore; had it been more flatform style this story could've had a happier ending.

So what happens now? Nothing. I will keep a tab open with these shoes in it and I will gaze at them everyday, multiple times a day until one day I finally decide that I am ready to accept them in my life, but they will be sold out by then. At which point I will be all "oh well" and move on with my life. And thus concludes the cycle of being a Compulsive Online Window Shopper, ready to start all over again with whatever weird crap someone comes out with next.