Obsessed with: Satchels

Yes, satchels! Have you ever noticed what a weird word satchel is? Satchel. Satchel.

Medium PS1 $1,595, Proenza Schouler

Ok, so I'll admit that when I say I'm obsessed with satchels I really mean I am obsessed with Proenza Schouler's super rad bag, the PS1. I am not a bag person at all; I wear the same bag everyday whether or not it matches my shoes or the belts I rarely wear, but this bag has been making me drool since it came out in the fall of 2008. Three years later, I am still majorly sweating it even though it seems everyone and their mother has one whenever I'm walking around Soho. I don't care! Look at that pretty purple color! Obviously the price tag is a real BUMMER, so if you or someone you know can hook me up with a discount that would be really rad. Otherwise, here are some totally awesome satchels that will not require you to give up your firstborn.

BDG Canvas Satchel $39.99, Urban Outfitters

The thing I like best about satchels is that it's such a practical shape. When you live off your bag more or less, you need roomy totes that can fit books, magazines, extra cardigans and whatever else you might run into that day. It's a very classic style. The striped print in this one is really cool and the color palette can perfectly ease into fall.

Color Block Traditional Satchel $51.72, ASOS

Ok, this ASOS number might actually force me to break out the credit card. Bright green and brown with two shiny buckles...it's got pretty much everything I want. I love the nice flat top-handle as well.

Tan Faux Ponyskin Insert Leather Padlock Satchel $118, Topshop

A bag with its own wallet chain and a faux animal print inset! It's like a meta '90s explosion. You can keep rollin' with your homies for a long time with this one.

Small Navy Satchel About $118, Cambridge Satchel Company

The Cambridge Satchel Company is #2 on my list of wants. Their satchel is the real deal, made for the cute kids in England to put their books in (I guess they're not into Dora the Explorer backpacks?). They come in a variety of colors and sizes are handmade and super durable. But the best part is you can get them embossed with your initials or nickname or whatever! Maybe you shall be mine next, lil' satchel!

Are you guys into the satchel or should I leave it for the Euro kids set?