My First Flat Sandals: A Story of Exposed Toes And Redemption (Not Really)

Better late than never! (But I'm still convinced I'm gonna lose my toe in a freak accident.)
Publish date:
June 20, 2011
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It's finally happened you guys. A pair of flat sandals (from Zero + Maria Cornejo) has made its way unto my feet. "BIG DEAL!" you are thinking, and even though you are being sarcastic you're actually totally right; it IS a big deal. Every year when summer comes around I think I will finally find a pair of cute flat sandals and instead I end up with a variety of non-summer shoes. One summer I bought ankle-height leather flower printed boots, they looked summery, but inside my feet were boiling. This is in part because it's hard to find ones that I find cute and don't show too much toe, but also because my phobia of flip flops in the city extends a little to flat sandals. I've been wearing these for two weeks and I'm still paranoid of puddles, doors, corners and tripping and falling on my face.

But let's not focus on those negative paranoid effects. To celebrate what I think is my second ever pair of flat sandals in at least a 15-year period (no, really), here are other cute flat sandals so you can join in the flat sandal fun with me. And yes, I know everyone in the world has been having flat sandal fun for decades now.

Ankle Strap Sandal $7.99, Wet Seal.

This is a totally classic style, wraps around the ankles and criss-crosses at the toes for maximum protection. They are faux leather, but for 8 bucks you can't really ask for anything better.

Bronx Nicolet 37 Bow Flat Sandal $86.20,

A little leopard detail goes a long way! I love the simplicity of these. And just in case these could be worn with everything, don't let that little bit of print throw you off!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Sandals $156, Zappos Couture.

Love the mix in these Marc by Marc sandals. There is something slightly futuristic about the way the strap wraps around the back of the ankle yet at the same time the colors and textures are the perfect earthy tones to go with everything you own.

Proenza Schouler Ostrich and Leather Flat Sandals $416, Zoe.

Oh, Proenza Schouler, consistent breaker of hearts like mine, purveyor of the perfect goods that I'm still painfully short of affording (it's ok, don't feel bad, sale time has brought plenty of miracles my way). These are the ultimate in cool, I mean, OSTRICH! And you can be totally fancy and wear them with a long dress for an evening affair in a garden where wearing heels is about the dumbest thing you can do. Luxurious!