It's In My Closet, Now How Do I Wear It?: The Dolce Vita Poofy Shorts

Jenny's unsure about her shorts, but she's got the right spirit!
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June 29, 2011
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Hi Laia,

I have this pair of awesome Dolce Vita shorts that I would love to wear, but just can't figure out how to style them! I am very short so I'm kind of concerned that maybe I can't pull off the poofier shorts look, but I want to TRY!



Thanks for writing in Jenny! I think these shorts are really cute and even the way you are wearing them in this picture seems like you're moving in the right direction. In general poofy or voluminous things are best when paired with streamlined pieces–like the tank top you are wearing above. I would be curious to see what a colored top looks like with the shorts since they are half-black, but I think for the beginning stages of short experimentation, a black top is best. I would certainly recommend tucking in the top because of the belt (built-in?), but also because it allows for a sleeker silhouette.

Lace Bib Sleeveless Blouse $51.72, ASOS

Since it's summer I think a nice sleeveless button-down would be perfect. I'm really into this sheer number from ASOS which you could wear over that same tank top you're wearing or maybe even a little bandeau. If you work in a pretty casual environment you could even throw a blazer over it with your same little flats or even little lace-up wedges and you'd be ready for business!

PU Front Tank $24.13, ASOS

If you want to contrast the girly-ness of the shorts, then perhaps a sleeveless tank with a "leather" front might be more your speed. With a top like this, which has a rounded hem that hits just at hip level, you wouldn't have to tuck it in because it's pretty fitted and will still guide the eye down into the shorts and not away from it.

I think your short-ness is definitely an asset in this case, you can wear really short stuff and even short-voluminous stuff–which is way harder to pull off!–without having to worry about "is it too short?" Treat these as you would any other pair of shorts, i.e. don't overthink it! They are cute and you can definitely rock 'em. Good Luck!

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