Ask Laia Update!: A Look At The Perfect Blazer

Margot was looking for the perfect blazer. Is it possible she had it all along?
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June 28, 2011
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hi laia!

thanks so much for posting about blazers! i really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and i think you gave great advice - the hunt for the stripey shrunken blazer has begun!

attached are a few photos! I've worn the blazer with jeans like a dozen times since i got it, over jeans and other pants, and that alone was worth it. It's the one with me giving the thumbs up.

now that i'm looking at these with a glass of wine in me, the blazer really doesn't look as silly over dresses as i'd maybe all i need is confidence?

would love to hear your thoughts!!



Thanks for sending in pics Margot! I think the blazer looks super cute with your jeans and lil' flats. Actually, I think you look really great in all your pictures, and, yeah, you should definitely rock all these looks because you've got it (even if it takes you a glass of wine to step outside in 'em, trust me it's a good idea).

The proportion here of jacket-to-hem is really nice. The dress is really cute too, but I think the collar on the dress is throwing me off and making me think this is more of a business look than a casual look. Maybe if you wear a nice leather belt in at the waist with a little loop at the front, it'd be a nice way to spruce it up. The rounder, deeper necklines in your other outfits look cooler with the jacket and achieve that "opposite" vibe you are going for. Also, I'm really into your watch.

I think this might be my favorite look though! It seems that you could really take this from work to a party without having to think twice about it. Honestly? I think this blazer is doing pretty alright in your closet! You've definitely got a winner.

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