Ask Laia: Help! They Discontinued My Favorite Jeans

Citizens of Humanity, why would you do this to poor Sarah?
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July 14, 2011
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Hi Laia!

I am in mourning for the loss of my favorite pair of jeans (Citizens of Humanity Petite Kylie straight leg). After too much constant wear, a large rip developed at the butt-thigh crease and has expanded to abysmal proportions. I contacted the boutique where I purchased the jeans and they were able to get me the style name and I then contacted Citizens of Humanity, only to learn from a very nice PR lady that the style is discontinued. I am desperate to have these jeans in wearable condition again and I have heard over the years of companies that "clone" favorite jeans. I don't know if I trust the job to a tailor -- do you have any recommendations for giving my jeans a second coming?

As much as I wore the jeans, I somehow cannot find a good picture of them on me. The picture attached is me in the jeans, decked out for a bad Christmas sweater/shirt party two years ago. I apparently have no shame because the outfit equals a Canadian tuxedo and I'm giving it to you to show the whole internet.



Thank you for writing in, Sarah, and I'm really sorry you're finding yourself with this problem. It's such a pain whenever you finally find the perfect whatever -- jeans, makeup -- and then its discontinued and you're forever trying to find something that makes up for what you had and loved in the first place.

The first easy solution to saving your jeans might be a patch. I don't know how big the rip is, but I'm sure a tailor can at least patch things up and give you a bit more time to run around in your favorite jeans. If the rip is unsalvageable, then we have only have a few options left.

Although your favorite style is nowhere to be found online, Google DID direct me toward a few online stores that sold the jeans and I was at least able to look at their defining characteristics. "Option 1" in the jeans recovery system:

Find all other similar fits by other brands and try them until one of them works.

Yeah, this is annoying, I know. You may spend the rest of your life trying to find that ineffable feeling. But who knows? From this experiment you might even find jeans that you liked more than your favorite pair.

525 Petite Perfect Waist Straight Leg $27.90, Levi's

1969 Real Straight Jeans $69.50, Gap

After extensive research trying to find straight leg jeans available in a petite fit, I think these two styles might be your best starting point. They both feature a narrow, straight leg and a bit of stretch in the material just like your Citizens. The style from Levi's has a higher rise than the one from Gap, but Gap assures me that their jeans have all sorts of lifting butt technology which might be a plus if you are into that sort of thing.

Clone your pants.

Another option, and one that you mentioned in your initial letter are companies that can clone any pair of pants you send their way. seems to be at the forefront of this service and although I was all "Send a pair of my jeans to India?" YEAH RIGHT! They've been reviewed and featured by a bunch of "proper" "mainstream" magazines, so you know, they're pretty legit.

The way they work is they can custom-make you a pair of jeans in any fabric that you want just by you providing the measurements OR you can send a pair of your own jeans to their factories in India and in 2 to 3 weeks you have yourself a new pair of your favorite jeans!

Whatever you do, don't make them into cutoffs or make yourself headbands with scrap fabric. Because if ever another solution that "saves jeans" should come up, you're gonna be bummed you destroyed them! Good luck in your search.

And ps. Canadian Tuxedos RULE!