Ask Laia: Help Me Find The Perfect Blazer

Margot wants to know if I've ever found the perfect blazer...and if such a thing even exists.
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June 17, 2011
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hi laia - i have a question i was wondering if you had any thoughts on...i do not consider myself a fashion plate. i try to dress well and with an eye for the interesting/new/innovative, but a typical outfit for me involves flats, skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and a leather jacket. i'm 25, i recently cut bangs in an effort to be more stylish, and i've been looking for The Perfect Blazer for some time now. The Perfect Blazer has, in my estimation, a few key qualities - 1. looks hot over jeans and a t-shirt 2. professionalizes all the slightly-too-short dresses in my closet for work 3. is probably grey so i can wear it with all the black i already own without looking like i'm going to a funeral. i recently got as close as i wonder if i ever will at Aritzia, but when i got home and tried on the blazer again it just felt too long/manly over a dress. but then the cropped one felt too short to wear with skinny jeans and flats without looking like a soccer mom. have you ever found the Perfect Blazer? does such a thing exist? should i just buy both?



Talula Exeter Blazer $129, Aritzia.

Talula Exeter Shrunken Blazer $125, Aritzia.

Thank you for writing in Margot! I don't know that the perfect blazer exists out in the world as some mythical piece that will save all your wardrobe woes. From what you are asking it to do, I do feel like you would do better with a boxier, slightly oversized jacket that will look good with dresses as well as your casual jeans attire. However, you were not comfortable with the long jacket, which I think is close to what I am describing. I think perhaps the key is trying to look for fabrics and/or colors that won't give you that "soccer mom" or "borrowed this from my husband/boyfriend/whatever look." A cropped jacket is certainly the way to go with skinny jeans and a tee, I think maybe you can look into funner options like stripes or maybe a cool grey jersey. So in a way the perfect blazer can exist, it's just a matter of looking exactly at what you need it for and not being afraid to try something a little different.